Insights from data.

This has become a critical value-add for organisations seeking to tap into their vast repositories of data to improve processes and engage in ongoing transformation. It is also precisely what a leading South African producer of wines, spirits and ciders wanted – to integrate its data from different business groups within the company to gain insights that could drive growth, transformation and innovation.

The technology:

The consumer goods company is well-known in the country and also has a strong global presence. It uses Azure Synapse to store and manage its massive quantities of data from multiple sources across business groups and units, and is in the process of moving into the Microsoft Azure Cloud to leverage innovation capabilities and bring its digital transformation strategies to life.

The company turned to Intellinexus to gain rich visibility into its data and to leverage next-generation technologies that would allow for seamless and sustainable growth over the long-term.

What Intellinexus delivered

The integration included multiple technologies across the business, allowing for the company to fully realise the potential locked within its data. Azure Synapse was used to ingest the data with Azure Data Factory for the data science teams, allowing them to build models with Azure Machine Learning. This has allowed for the company to quickly and effectively query the data to gather knowledge and make informed decisions.

With the solution in place, the firm can analyse its consumer data and find trends and patterns that it can use to better manage risk, increase sales, optimise products and services, and refine offerings. Some of the most relevant insights provided by the solution include:

  • Visibility into the most popular products and services.
  • The most lucrative customer categories.
  • The weakest performance areas within the company.

In addition, the solution allowed for the company to take third-party sales data from aggregators to compare sales and products between competitors. This part of the data architecture enables the data science teams to build models that thread the insights found in the data into accessible reporting that decision-makers can use to create relevant marketing strategies and to increase market share.

An agile and scalable result

By combining a team of data architects, data modellers, data engineers and SAP HANA developers, Intellinexus was able to refine the technology stack perfectly for the client. This allowed for the company to truly revolutionise how it uses, accesses and understands its data, and to benefit from an architecture capable of scale to meet changing business demands and expectations.

The company is now working with Intellinexus on an ongoing basis, focusing on more use cases and solutions to enhance operations and processes and remain on track with its digital transformation strategy.

Intellinexus’ expertise across a wide range of consultants, engineers and developers allowed for the company to create the perfect solution. Today, the client has exceptional access to rich data insights that can be used on demand to enhance decision-making and drive the business into new markets while delivering superb customer experiences.