SAP has taken proactive steps toward addressing racial injustice in the world and workplace. In addition to SAP’s commitment to supporting better representation of black and colored talent in the workforce, SAP strives to accelerate career development of underrepresented talent, in line with its diversity and inclusion objectives. To meet our ambitions, the Talent to Watch program has been brought to life. This program is focused on identifying and supporting talents, who are underrepresented in a certain region, to accelerate their careers and move into leadership roles by allowing them to clarify their ambitions, explore their potential and re-envision themselves as leaders in their area of interest. 

The Talent to Watch Program Pilot has been launched in Africa in 2023 to support our talents on the continent and we are proud of our 15 amazing participants, who have successfully graduated from the 7-months development initiative in November.

At SAP we are witnessing exciting times as we continue our transformation journey and accelerate our growth in the cloud. In Africa there are nearly limitless opportunities to further drive SAP’s growth and cloud leadership and in order to seize those we need the right talent. Our Talent to Watch graduates are empowered and ready to re-envision themselves as leaders in their area of interest and we are excited to see them shaping their careers and taking to new heights whilst creating value for SAP and our customers.
Please join us in congratulating our Talent to Watch Africa 2023 Graduates: