Responding to the Morrison government’s “call to action” for new policy ideas to help Australia out of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAP has released a Public Policy Paper, laying out new ways that technology could be used to speed up the nation’s economic recovery and transition to a “new normal” economy.

“The new normal should borrow techniques from the software world, where products are released early and then quickly “iterated” upon as flaws and insufficiencies appear,” said SAP Australia President and Managing Director, Damien Bueno.

SAP suggests data should be utilised to inform policy in ways that was rarely used before the coronavirus crisis.

“Someone who’s in Melbourne who has the right skills could now do a job that’s based in Queensland, because the appetite to do things virtually now exists,” Mr Bueno said.

“The scale of SAP’s business and national reach means that SAP can partner across the public and private sectors to provide insights into the functioning of the employment market,” the public policy paper said.

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