The world of work and the way we communicate has been completely transformed in the past few months, with organisations grappling with unprecedented disruptions to their businesses and workforces. COVID-19 has made digital transformation a necessity, empowering staff to work remotely and safely, while providing convenience and continuity to customers.

At SAP, our purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, providing businesses with ideas, inspiration and solutions that support agility, sustainability and innovation. After last year’s success, we are excited to bring Effect to you in a digital format in 2020, to showcase our ideas and the technologies that are reshaping the world we share.

This year we will be sharing experiences, insights, and innovation across a spectrum of industries in three weekly episodes, with each highlighting a critical element of change affecting the business world and wider society today. Each episode will also include a series of inspirational speakers and domain experts.

In “Future of Work”, the topic of the first episode, we will be joined by Susan Ferrier, NAB’s Group Executive People & Culture; and Martin Wezowski, SAP’s Chief Designer & Futurist for SAP’s Technology & Innovation; while Chad Davis and Jake Meadows will play one of their amazing compilations made especially for Effect, demonstrating the melodic uniqueness of the harps.

Susan will share how NAB has adapted to different ways of working in a remote environment – supporting their customers and colleagues, as well as the concept of “Fungibility”; while Martin will explore the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence, while explaining the value of curiosity and creativity in our workplaces.

The world is transforming more rapidly than we could have imagined, with SAP playing a key role in helping people and organisations navigate through these challenges by becoming more future proof and efficient, while elevating customers’ experience through the use of technology.

I am personally very excited with what we have in store for you at Effect this year, so don’t forget to register today, and join us to discover the “Future of Work” on 17th September.