One of the great challenges for business leaders is knowing how to measure the environmental, social and governance (ESG) data in their value chains.

They all understand what their bottom-line costs are but they’re a bit unsure about how to manage the green line that will help them attain their ESG goals. There is a real gap between ambition and action because senior executives are still figuring out how to tangibly deliver on these ESG goals. More pertinently, they are facing the challenge that sustainability is fundamentally a resource management problem.

What’s needed is a better understanding of how we source and use our resources, not just on a financial level but on a planetary level, because our future is at stake. The good news is most business leaders are not short on ambition. We saw at the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow they want to take a lead on ensuring our future is sustainable, but they need to take a stronger lead on resource planning.

For 50 years, SAP has been providing organisations with the data and technology to productively manage their operations from a financial and economic perspective. We now have the capability to also manage the green line.

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