“Investment in Sorted has empowered our retailers” – Simon Williams, Head of Merchandise Business Development, Metcash

Metcash is the leading wholesale distribution and marketing company in Australia, uniquely dedicated to bolstering independent Retailers across the food, liquor and hardware sectors. They support their network of iconic local Australian stores to be “the best store in their town”.  With the widest retail distribution network nationally, their partnership with SAP is a critical roadmap for transformation, innovation and empowerment.


Metcash identified the opportunity to make the ordering of Warehouse and ‘Direct to Store’ products and services that much simpler for it’s extensive network of Food Retailers. Creating a singular ‘marketplace’ that contained all the critical information required by Retailers to make well informed decisions on the products they procured, would have significant benefits across it’s network.


Enter Sorted – an e-commerce marketplace platform forged in collaboration with SAP Commerce Cloud. The technology reflects a shift in behaviours, supplier relations and distribution. Powered by SAP Commerce Cloud, Sorted seamlessly integrates advanced features, enabling real-time order tracking, product insights and a frictionless digital ordering system.


Metcash’s investment in Sorted is empowering their Retailers. Simon Williams, who leads B2B E-commerce for Metcash, reflects, “It wasn’t always easy for Retailers to identify great-selling lines stocked elsewhere in the network, that they could be stocking in their store.” Sorted addresses this issue, by analysing sales data from across the Metcash network and delivering personalised insights to Retailers based on regional sales trends. The benefits were felt by independent Retailers like Darren Partridge of IGA Thrumster, who shared, “It’s allowed us to put it in a process of ordering, invoicing and receiving those products. I describe Sorted as the Retailer’s online store – easy to navigate and use.”


The simplicity and efficiency that Sorted has brought to Metcash’s operations has been game changing. By integrating 80,000 ‘Direct to Store’ products alongside the Warehouse range into Sorted, Metcash’s suppliers are experience exponential growth. Artisan brands such as Killer Coffee experienced a remarkable 60% YoY sales surge. 36,000 transactions are processed every week and hitting new highs as every week goes past. New suppliers are joining at a ‘rate of knots’, over 430 ‘Direct to Store’ Suppliers are featured on Sorted.


The operational efficiency gains from Sorted are undeniable. Retailers are saving significant amounts of time each week when ordering products and services, emphasising the platform’s impact on streamlining processes. The benefits of Metcash’s partnership with SAP extend beyond numbers; With Ask ROSS integration into Sorted and a ‘doors open’ approach for businesses, Metcash remains true to its vision of being an advocate for local economies and independent retailers.


Darren Partridge’s story exemplifies Sorted’s impact on Retailers: “It’s allowed us to put in a process of ordering, invoicing and receiving those products.”  As Metcash continues its journey with SAP Commerce Cloud, it serves as a testament to SAP’s transformative capabilities at scale. The Sorted platform development promises to unlock even more distribution and marketing opportunities, ensuring that the retailers Metcash serves, continue to be the best stores in their town.