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HR & Technology. A perfect match?

New technologies are conquering our lives, but still how human are they? What are the effects of technology and how do we feel about that? In a series of roundtable discussions we connect technology with different aspects in the corporate world.

During our first roundtable we had 2 interesting discussions about HR & Technology. 

Technology helps companies to optimize their Human Resources policy. Also for employees technology offers a clear added value. But how do you now ensure maintaining to right balance? What about the thin line between data & privacy?

Find out what the panelists had to say during the Dutch & French roundtables:

Digital Voices - een panelgesprek over HR en technologie

Around the Dutch table:

  • Lisbeth Decneut (imec)
  • Dirk Verly (BekaertDeslee)
  • Raf Devos (VUB)
  • Lesley Arens (#ZigZagHR)

Read the article & watch the discussion

Digital Voices - Can Digital be Human?

Around the French table:

  • Carole Delava (Carrefour)
  • Souzanna Bandos (Actiris)
  • Henri Gillard (Terumo Europe)
  • Cédric Cauderlier (Mountainview)

Read the article & watch the discussion