FEWA becomes First Entity in the region to install two-tier Advanced Metering Infrastructure System

Powered by SAP, new technology enables enhanced Utilities experiences for customers

Phased introduction of 600,000 Smart Meters in UAE’s Northern Emirates will enable FEWA’s customers to self-monitor consumption and obtain more accurate billing

Programme forms part of federal efforts to enhance customer services in the energy sector and will provide a foundation for building future energy services

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — 30 April 2020 — The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) has become the first entity in the region to install a two-tier Advanced Metering Infrastructure system. The new system is focused on the customer experience and is designed to ensure a quantum improvement in energy delivery monitoring.  Incorporating the latest digital technology, FEWA’s metering infrastructure transformation is being conducted in partnership with global technology company, SAP, and comprises the installation of more than 600,000 smart meters across the Northern Emirates.

Characterised by its Head End System (HES) and its Metering Data Management System (MDMS), the two-tier Advanced Metering Infrastructure offers an array of benefits for both energy suppliers and end consumers. Energy company staff no longer need to physically attend sites to read meters, thereby eliminating human error and saving time and resources. The new system also negates the need to attend to disconnection and reconnection services as customers are now able to select the automated ‘Move in’/ Move out’ facility and receive a final bill that is generated on the spot.

Utilities event management is also improved through the new Advanced Metering Infrastructure system: previously any issues with meters would only be picked up by meter readers or captured through customer complaints, whereas now irregularities are brought to light immediately by the smart system. In turn, communication is enhanced as the system is able to detect abnormal use that could indicate a possible leak and provide early notification to customers, potentially saving them money. Finally, energy conservation is improved as customers are able to monitor their consumption in real time and learn about their consumption behaviour, allowing them to make adjustments that will help curb excessive energy and water use.

“The UAE Ministry of Energy is committed to ensuring its energy infrastructure network sets the standard for global best practice with the goal of fostering sustainability and security of energy, water and natural resources. The activation of this Advanced Metering Infrastructure system is in line with the ‘Towards the next 50’ directive, which aims to create giants leaps in all major sectors, including energy, and put the country on a footing to become one of the best countries in the world across an array of indices within the next five decades. Not only will this new Advanced Metering Infrastructure form the foundation of the UAE’s energy infrastructure of the future, it will support the welfare and happiness of more than 600,000 customers across the Northern Emirates,” said HE Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Industry and FEWA Chairman.

Recently, FEWA marked the go-live of the first phase of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure installation with the deployment of 30,000 smart meters across a wide geography, spanning different consumer and business customer categories. As a result, FEWA has become a regional leader in deploying the Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which combines technology innovation across sensors, smart meters, data collection, and Big Data analytics.

In addition, the new technology enables FEWA and its customers to monitor electricity and water consumption in real-time, gain analytics on consumption trends, and facilitates predictive maintenance on the infrastructure. The authority, which caters to the electricity and water needs of the citizens and residents of the Northern Emirates, is currently exploring how the Advanced Metering Infrastructure can support future services, such as electric vehicle charging and solar power grid feed-in from rooftop solar photovoltaic panels.

“FEWA’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure will transform experiences for our Northern Emirates customers, with real-time self-monitoring of their utilities usage, fully accurate online billing, and support for future services. Our digital transformation is optimising costs, staff training and revenue collection, with the phased introduction of the technology representing FEWA’s continuous concerted efforts to provide its customers with the very best smart experience and to meet the national strategy of ensuring international standards of service to the UAE’s citizens and residents,” commented HE Mohammad Saleh, Director General, Federal Electricity and Water.

FEWA is running on the SAP real-time Business Suite, with full visibility and decision-making on enterprise resource planning, customer experiences, operations, and maintenance. Supporting talent development, the authority is also deploying the SAP SuccessFactors human experience suite.

“As the UAE’s energy sector evolves, FEWA shows how successful next generation Utilities can think like data companies to engineer their processes and completely transform customer experiences and efficiencies,” said Steve Tzikakis, SAP President EMEA South. “SAP’s ongoing partnership with FEWA will further enable the business to continue to be one of the region’s leading Intelligent Enterprises in the rapidly evolving sector.”