Gassan makes shopping experience personal with SAP

Customers expect the most personal and relevant customer experience possible. “Our ambition is to understand customers’ needs even before they themselves are aware of them,” says Debora Huisman-Leeser, Chief Creative Officer of GASSAN Diamonds. GASSAN will have the help of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement in doing so.

GASSAN Diamonds is the official dealer of the world’s most prestigious jewellery brands and most exclusive watch brands. At its historic diamond cutting factory and boutiques in Amsterdam, the family-owned business creates the luxury shopping experience befitting a special moment in a customer’s life.

“Buying a diamond, jewellery or watch is more than just a purchase. It is often about celebrating a special moment, such as an anniversary, birthday or engagement,” says Huisman-Leeser. “Our customers’ expectations are extremely high. Therefore, it is essential to provide a level of service that allows us to perform above expectations. An unforgettable experience is only possible with outstanding service on a personal level.”

“However, our service does not stop at that one purchase moment,” continues the Chief Creative Officer. “We want to provide a high-quality personalised experience throughout the entire customer journey through all our channels. This means, for example, that customers receive relevant inspirations for products or brands at self-selected moments. With an omnichannel strategy and a data-driven approach, we ensure that the experience is outstanding at every moment in the customer journey.”

Data-driven approach

“In our business, relevance is as important as inspiration,” David Bijlsma, Chief Commercial Officer of GASSAN Diamonds, also knows. “There is no point in shooting hail with a generic message for everyone. You have to know and understand customers to be able to take the experience to the next level and respond to individual needs.”

Transitioning to an omnichannel and as personalised an approach as possible required GASSAN to integrate customer data and embrace intelligent tools. Bijlsma: “To take the next step from marketing, we chose SAP’s marketing software. This allows us to unlock our customer data, build good segments and serve our customer in an intelligent way. In this way, we get to know our customers better and can fulfil expectations better.”

Further enrichment

“With SAP, we have taken the first steps in improving the customer experience. We have gained more insight into our data and know where insights are missing,” concludes the Chief Commercial Officer. “We believe in starting small, learning from this and optimising to get better and better. It is also important to embrace a data-driven mindset as an organisation and start thinking and working differently.”

GASSAN Diamonds maakt shopervaring persoonlijk met SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

“By further enriching data in terms of interests, preferences and purchasing behaviour, we can make inspiration even more targeted and personalised,” concludes Huisman-Leeser. “In addition, the focus is on the GASSAN Membership and expanding the privileges programme. In this programme, we get to know our customers even better, build a long-term relationship with them and encourage repeat purchases by being relevant.”