Wipro accelerates business transformation through RISE with SAP

SAP’s Business Transformation as a Service drives innovation and security

Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, has recently made the switch to SAP S/4HANA Cloud private edition in record time using the RISE with SAP programme. Wipro took an approach similar to those it develops for its leading enterprise clients deploying RISE with SAP solutions in the cloud.

Wipro operates in 66 countries with an extensive portfolio in consulting, cloud, design, engineering and operations. With more than 250,000 employees and business partners, it develops innovative solutions for its customers’ most extensive digital transformations.

Its global presence has resulted in a complex infrastructure. Consisting of 73 delivery centres around the world, Wipro’s finance teams have spent a lot of time reconciling reporting. “Due to the complexity of our business and the lack of a common view across continents, our accounts did not have a single source of truth,” says Hare Ram Ray, Wipro General Manager and Head of SAP Business for the U.K., Ireland, Nordics and Benelux. In response to these challenges, the global professional services powerhouse undertook its own transformation story to gain greater visibility into its operations and strengthen its ability to forecast future business needs in the cloud as the transformative platform for business innovation and growth.

Wipro Accelerates Business Transformation Through RISE with SAP | Christian Klein

Adopting a Business Transformation as a Service approach

To streamline and simplify its processes, Wipro chose SAP S/4HANA Cloud private edition. This platform would form the basis for a digital transformation that enables further growth, and for a smooth transition to S/4HANA Cloud, the IT service provider selected RISE with SAP. This Business Transformation as a Service package would make the journey to ERP in the cloud as easy as possible.

Wipro had several reasons for choosing RISE with SAP, including:


“Security was one of our top priorities when we were considering upgrading our systems,” says Hare. “The enhanced security features in RISE with SAP greatly reduce the risk of hackers. The security and firewalls are best in class, ensuring that our business and customer data is protected at the highest possible level.”

Cost savings

By consolidating contracts through RISE with SAP and moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Wipro reduces its total cost of ownership by 20 to 22 percent. These cost savings will be reinvested in the company’s ongoing digital transformation and will help fund planned innovations.

Integration and innovation

A component of RISE with SAP is the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). “SAP BTP is a platform for innovation,” says Hare. “It integrates all the data in our SAP system with other sources and makes it easier to develop new business applications that meet our future requirements, all this while maintaining a clean core, allowing us to be much more flexible.”

Enabling greater business value

For Wipro, RISE with SAP has proven its strength with the benefits it’s provided. Just a few months after selecting SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Wipro went live with the new ERP platform. “The actual switchover was a 48-hour marathon activity over a weekend, after which the project was delivered as agreed in record time,” explains Hare. “By moving to S/4HANA Cloud, our forecasts have become much more accurate. Our finance teams also have more time to spare.”

As SAP’s global strategic partner, Wipro has developed extensive experience with RISE with SAP, as illustrated by its deep capabilities in transforming large global businesses through S/4HANA in the cloud. With the strategic use of its transformation framework, Wipro eSymphony, and industry-leading Wipro FullStride Cloud Services, Wipro is empowering its customers to become intelligent enterprises. According to the global leader, eSymphony, as a complement to RISE with SAP, further accelerates clients’ journey to the cloud, allowing them to move toward innovating their businesses and becoming future-ready.

Wipro’s extended operations in the Netherlands

The SAP and cloud consulting expertise Wipro delivers has been benefiting enterprises around the world, and Dutch companies have been able to count on Wipro’s help for their digital transformations for over two decades. The professional services leader has further expanded its strong presence in the Benelux region in recent years through acquisitions of Capco and global SAP consulting firm Rizing, which has its European headquarters in The Hague.

In December 2022, Wipro opened a new office in Amsterdam. “It is a confirmation of our commitment to the region,” Hare says. “As a ‘OneWipro family’, we are at the forefront of enabling leading change and building talent that can shape the future of the industry and economy in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands.”

The SAP-driven innovations that Wipro has gained will help ensure this new office gets up to speed quickly and can play a significant role in providing European companies with the cloud strategies necessary to evolve their infrastructures. Due to the cloud’s ability to drive innovation and agility, a growing number of businesses are seeing cloud platforms as a strategic business asset, beyond an IT component, and Wipro’s RISE with SAP expertise will provide enterprises with effective pathways for adopting SAP and strengthening their operations.