Persons running to illustrate SAP Discovery Day's for S/4HANA

Six days that will change your view of SAP S/4HANA forever

For years, SAP provided inspiring but slightly theoretical and abstract glimpses into a future with SAP S/4HANA. Meanwhile, that future has begun, and it is time for a different approach, according to Mike Roza. That’s why Mike and his colleagues are organizing the SAP Discovery Days for S/4HANA starting this spring; six hands-on days where visitors really see SAP’s next-gen ERP solution in action.

By Mike Roza

SAP S/4HANA is a revolutionary solution. Due to the simple fact that calculations take place in-memory, the system has unparalleled processing power. That brought possibilities within reach in areas such as machine learning, AI, visualizations, and speed that until recently were only reserved for, well, no one really.

Over the past decade, we’ve done our best to clarify the ways in which SAP HANA and later SAP S/4HANA would simplify our customers’ lives. I enjoyed attending many such presentations. In fact, I’ve enjoyed giving a lot of presentations like that. Our stories were visionary and inspiring, but also often somewhat abstract.

Time to do things differently

We have now reached a special point in time when the revolutionary product we’ve been talking about for years is starting to become the standard. The revolutionary SAP S/4HANA is no longer revolutionary, but commonplace. That’s the way it goes with any innovation. (Think: internet, WiFi, mobile telephony, smartphone, tablet, electric driving.)  And let’s face it, that’s the way it should be.

This also means that the approach and purpose of our presentations must change. We no longer need to paint an inspiring picture of the future, but we need to show you, the user, what you can do with SAP S/4HANA today and how our Next-Gen ERP can help you and your colleagues achieve success. Still inspiring. But above all very clear and very practical, in line with your daily activities and challenges.

SAP Discovery Days for SAP S/4HANA

That’s why we immediately tackled it in a big way. In 2023 we will organize no less than six (!) SAP Discovery Days where our visitors see SAP S/4HANA and solutions from our Digital Supply Chain and Business Technology Platform portfolio live in action.

During these days we go into the depths. So don’t expect stories about strategy and digital transformations; we really dive into the details of SAP’s Next-Gen ERP solution.

We make it as practical as possible. That’s why the main component of each session is a use case, followed by a live demo that gives our guests a detailed picture of all aspects of a specific process.

At the end, visitors are richer with many practical insights and hands-on experiences. Together with our experts, the participants really go into depth. They discover what SAP S/4HANA looks like and experience what SAP S/4HANA can do for their business.

Six days, six themes

Each of the six SAP Discovery Days focuses on a different business domain or end-to-end process. We start with a general session on S/4HANA and show a modern Order-to-Cash process in action (31 May). Then we will discuss the innovations within Finance & Controlling (14 June). For the innovations in the field of logistics there are two sessions. During the first we will show the Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock process live (June 28). During the second we show Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and Advanced ATP in action. Then we will go live with solutions such as Integrated Business Planning, PP/DS and innovations in Asset Management (6 September). After the summer holidays we will spend an afternoon on the many possibilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform (20 September). During the last SAP Discovery Day, we will discuss tools and methodologies that ensure a smooth migration (11 October).



31 May 2023 – Efficiency at its Best

14 June 2023 – Transforming Financial Management

28 June 2023 – From Production to Delivery

6 September 2023 – Beyond Traditional Logistics

20 September 2023 – Accelerate Digital Transformation

11 October 2023 – Seamless Migration


 Are you coming too?

Do you find it interesting and useful to dive deep into SAP S/4HANA yourself? Then you are welcome to attend our sessions for free and for free.

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Tip! Involve your colleagues

I can totally imagine that attending six sessions might be a bit too much of a good thing. What I would advise you to do: sign up for the first meeting. During Efficiency at its Best – SAP S/4HANA LIVE in Action, we will take a closer look at how SAP S/4HANA streamlines the Order-to-Cash process from A to Z. This first SAP Discovery Day shows very well how SAP S/4HANA can boost your efficiency. Then supplement that first Discovery Day with other sessions, for example on logistics or migration.

And do you think one or two sessions is enough, but do you think that other colleagues also have an interest in following specific Discovery Days? Then they are very welcome. Their participation is also free. The only condition is that people who want to attend a session register in advance.

Never ­have we brought together so many practical insights and inspiration around Next-Gen ERP in one series of meetings. Take advantage of it! We look forward to seeing you at the SAP Discovery Days for SAP S/4HANA.