SAP Netherlands Welcomes McCoy as Strategic Reseller

Amsterdam, Netherlands – SAP Netherlands is pleased to announce the addition of McCoy as a strategic reseller in its Channel Partner Program. Since the launch of the local program 1.5 years ago, SAP has been working closely with its Dutch partner ecosystem to ensure the growth of its collective cloud business.

McCoy’s addition to the program is a testament to SAP’s commitment to partnering with industry leaders to deliver state-of-the-art cloud solutions to its customers. As a strategic reseller, McCoy will play a crucial role in selling and deploying SAP’s cloud solutions to its customers, providing end-to-end services that encompass both the cloud subscription and related services, allowing businesses to become an intelligent enterprise.

SAP Netherlands is proud to welcome McCoy as its newest strategic reseller, joining the ranks of the other successful strategic channel partners being Aiden, Ctac, and myBrand. McCoy has proven in 2023 to comply with the targets set forth by SAP and has demonstrated great potential for 2024 and beyond, making them an ideal addition to the Channel Partner Program. The strategic Channel Partners in the program demonstrate a strong commitment to growing SAP’s cloud subscription business across various solution domains, with a focus on SAP Public Cloud practice and industry specialization. Moreover, they are significantly investing in capabilities to autonomously drive business in the market while maintaining a successful renewal track record.

“We are excited to welcome McCoy as our newest strategic reseller in the Channel Partner Program,”  adds Alf Janssen, Chief Partner Officer, SAP The Netherlands.  “Their proven track record and ambition to grow in the cloud subscription business make them an ideal partner for SAP. We look forward to a successful partnership as we continue to expand our collective cloud business in the Netherlands.” Quoting Martijn de Coninck, Commercial Director McCoy; “ We are very proud to become strategic reseller. This will further enable McCoy to drive digital transformations at companies to grow, run better and smarter with SAP.”

As SAP Netherlands continues to expand its strategic Channel Partner Program, the addition of McCoy as a reseller further strengthens its commitment to providing cutting-edge cloud solutions and services to its customers. Alf Jansen: “We are confident that McCoy will play an integral role in driving the growth of SAP’s cloud business and delivering innovative solutions to businesses in the Netherlands”.