SAP Concur’s Dr Carl Jones appointed as GBTA Global Sustainability Committee’s Vice-Chair


Dr Carl Jones

Dr Carl Jones, VP and Head of Strategy for Asia Pacific at SAP Concur, has been appointed to the Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) Global Sustainability Committee as Vice-Chair.

Dr Jones will represent the Asia Pacific region’s interests as he works with the committee to advance standards and solutions to improve the sustainability performance of business travel across all three ESG pillars (Environmental, Social, and Governance). He will also play a leading role within GBTA to enable and empower knowledge sharing and transfer in this space.

“GBTA understands that embracing diverse practices and processes within regions is key to serving the needs of the global business travel community. I look forward to putting together a small pan-industry group of Asia-based buyer and supplier industry experts to represent the nuances of the Asia market, and contribute to GBTA’s sustainability journey,” said Dr Jones.

Dr Jones is an industry veteran who has held leadership roles in APAC countries including Singapore and Thailand, along with 20 years of experience in the travel and payments industry. His appointment affirms SAP and SAP Concur’s positions as industry leaders in helping companies adopt a sustainable first approach to their business travel.

For more information on SAP Concur, please visit here. To learn more about GBTA and its sustainability committee please click here.