SAP Is Proud to Be Among Asia Pacific’s Top Workplaces to Grow Your Career in 2023


At SAP, we are proud of the culture we are creating together. It’s a culture grounded in core values of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for growth. We believe in a work environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and supported, and can fulfill their career aspirations, whatever they may be.

“During my most recent parental leave, I also got promoted to my current role. I am thankful that I can grow as a professional and look after my two girls in the most important role of my life as a mother.”

That’s why we felt so proud to be named among LinkedIn’s 2023 Top Companies in Australia, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore as a top workplace where professionals can grow their careers, it validated the long-term focus we’ve brought to ensuring people can bring their best selves to work, and thrive.  In each of these countries, SAP has been recognised for its ability to advance employees and for its commitment and ongoing efforts to ensure a work culture that offers equal opportunities for professional growth.

At SAP we believe a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to better innovation, creativity, increased employee satisfaction and reduced attrition. From hiring practices to fair pay, full transparency over salary bands, market-leading inclusive leave, we have implemented initiatives to ensure that our employees feel valued and supported. One of them is our Pledge to Flex initiative, that encourages flexible work arrangements in an inclusive environment that enables everyone to work, grow and thrive in a way that fits their individual lifestyle and circumstances.

The recognition is also testament of SAP’s commitment to gender parity and educational attainment. In fact, we are a market leader when it comes to female representation, with 35%* women in the workforce and women in management at 29% – all growing their careers with SAP. On top of that 91% of employees feel that our workplace and culture ensure equal treatment for all.

“I have always felt supported and empowered to be my best self in SAP, regardless of my personal or family situation”, says Melisa Roman, Head of Revenue Operations, SAP Asia Pacific Japan. “When I became a parent, I was able to continue a rewarding career on my own terms and under new circumstances, with flexibility allowing me to excel in both roles. In fact, during my most recent parental leave, I also got promoted to my current role. I am thankful that I can grow as a professional and look after my two girls in the most important role of my life as a mother.”

In the LinkedIn Top Companies list 2023, SAP was also recognised for the company’s stability and affinity, demonstrated in high employee retention rate, which speak to the positive work environment and culture.  Having access to a vast array of learning tools and resources, employees value SAP’s network that offers endless opportunities for career progression. It’s no wonder many of them choose to grow with SAP over the long term, building truly satisfying careers over many years.

“My journey with SAP started in Japan seven years ago and it has ever since been satisfying and rewarding,” says Hakaru Morikawa, Head of Customer Advisory, SAP South-East Asia. “Accountability for my and my team’s performance is guiding me throughout this journey, but accountability for my own and my employees’ career growth is equally important. SAP is the workplace with endless learning and growing opportunities, whether vertically or horizontally and this is something I truly value.”

Our employees also feel connected and engaged with each other, which can be seen in the high LinkedIn connection volume.

“The 2023 LinkedIn Top Companies is a testament of the effort we’ve put in over many years to create the workplace we all want to work for,” says Frances Botha, Vice President, Human Resources, SAP Asia Pacific Japan. “It’s a valuable source and benchmark for professionals looking to advance or change careers who want to be part of a workplace that truly cares about their growth and development. It is extremely rewarding to see SAP listed among the most sought-after workplaces in our region. It is both a privilege and an obligation to double down on our efforts.”

Whether in Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore or anywhere else in APJ and the world, SAP’s work culture is one that is built on our core values. It’s a culture we created and one we continue to be proud of.  Discover more through Life at SAP | SAP Careers.

About LinkedIn Top Companies ranking:
The LinkedIn Top Companies list is an annual ranking that provides professionals with a go-to resource for identifying the top workplaces to grow their careers. By using a carefully weighted methodology, consisting of seven pillars, each revealing an element of career progression within a company, LinkedIn analyses the career paths of millions of professionals to discover the top workplaces to grow career. These pillars include the ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, and educational background.

*Based on the SAP 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Report, published in April 2023