WayCool Foods is India’s leading food and agri-tech company, using innovative food development and distribution technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain, from farm to fork. WayCool’s consumer brands basket consists of Madhuram, Kitchenji, L’exotique, Dezi Fresh and Freshey’s.

Since its inception in 2015, WayCool has focused strongly on its sustainability objective to deliver both positive impact and profitability. The company has invested in solar roof-top projects to harness green power as well as water treatment and reuse systems. These interventions across its operations have not only resulted in avoiding 120 tons of carbon emissions and saving 1,980 KL of fresh water, but also delivered economic savings of $12,500 in FY2022-23.

Focusing on innovation and efficient supply chain systems, WayCool has managed to restrict the food loss in its supply chain to less than 2%, compared to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) food loss projection of 14.7%. Furthermore, the company has electrified 22% of its last last-mile delivery fleet, covering 1.2 million kms and eliminating 289 tons of logistic carbon emissions. The company has a commitment to shift to 100% EVs in its last-mile delivery by 2030.

Mr. Srinidhi S. Rao, Head of ESG at WayCool Foods, said, “We have embedded environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices across our business process.”


SAP helped WayCool embrace digital transformation in its sustainability journey through the design, development, and implementation of an environmental dashboard based on the SAP Analytics platform.

The dashboard collects raw data from various disparate sources, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, transactional data from its SAP enterprise resource planning system, and application databases, and converts it into productive insights to make informed business decisions.

It provides a comprehensive view of sustainability key performance indicators with over 90% accuracy across various parameters including clean energy generation, energy efficiency, water efficiency and treatment, and waste management. It also provides a fully-fledged greenhouse gas emissions measurement (GHG) to benchmark past and present performance, identify any anomalies, and holistically report sustainability performance.

“Our advanced analytics powered E&S dashboard has not only enabled us to visualize the ground level impact of our environment initiatives but, by publishing reliable real-time data, facilitates better decision-making backed by insights,” continued Mr. Rao. “This is a significant step in our net-zero journey as we continue to demonstrate how climate-smart initiatives can also add to profitability, making them business-smart too.”


The innovation was recognised by SAP after WayCool won the ‘Sustainability Champion’ category at the 2022 SAP ACE Awards.


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