The COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen setbacks and challenges for the environmental sector, including the movement to transition away from single-use plastics, improve our ability to collect and recycle plastic waste, and prevent plastic from leaking into our oceans and waterways.

Maggie Buggie, Head of Services Strategy at SAP, joined the World Economic Forum Digital Townhall to outline how SAP is planning to pilot a digital solution across Ghana and Indonesia to help protect the livelihoods of its waste pickers.

The pilot, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the UN Development Program, will bring end-to-end transparency and traceability into the whole supply chain and increase welfare across the board for these highly vulnerable groups.

Waste pickers are the heartbeat of the circular economy and often operate as part of the informal economy – it is not transparent who they are, what they get paid, what their work conditions are like and whether child labour is enforced.

We can help solve this problem by improving end-to-end visibility and traceability across the entire supply chain – from the pickers, collection recycling companies, to the consumer product companies and packaging company buyers.

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