SAP UK has been awarded #8 in the Top 100 Undergraduate Employers 2021, and the #1 Tech Undergraduate Employer in the UK at the National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards, which celebrate excellence in undergraduate employability.

The prestigious headline award is based solely on the student-written reviews a company receives on RateMyPlacement. SAP UK started its dedicated placement programme three years ago, having been initially ranked #86 in the Top 100 employers. The key objective of SAP’s placement development programme is to empower students with the skills to succeed not only in their placement roles, but upon their return to university and beyond graduation.

To measure this, student, manager and wider business feedback is gathered, as well as external validation during best practice peer sharing with other employers. Each initiative is also started with skill level baselining to show relevant progression.

Since the programme launch, SAP UK has been committed to improving the placement experience and this NUE award is a testament to that dedication and hard work. SAP UK has also seen increases in internal net promoter score (NPS) results, which covers overall experience and development opportunities, and online reviews on Rate My Placement have improved in both narrative and scoring.

Driving skills of the future in SAP – and in the UK overall – is set to accelerate further as the student recruitment journey is further developed to include Apprenticeships in 2021 and to further support diversity of talent and social mobility.

Below are some of the quotes received from the current SAP UK intern cohort:

  • “I loved my placement at SAP. The company has a big focus on giving you the opportunity to pursue what you want to. This includes working in other departments and roles alongside your own if you want to. As a student who was not sure what I’d like to do after graduating, this was invaluable and really helped me see what different roles were available to me.”
  • “My placement experience was one of the best that you can find. The company repetitively receives top ranking for a good reason. There is a strong focus on bringing young talent to the table and not only to have us there present but also to encourage us to be vocal and bold.
  • “My placement year at SAP has been amazing! The placement program is a very well-established scheme which has offered a lot of support and allowed me to meet so many new people. My experience has been hugely valuable and I will return to university with a lot more knowledge and exposure to corporate life, as well as being a lot more equipped to enter the workforce when I graduate.
  • SAP has allowed me to utilise and learn the software we sell and paved a way for me to gain certificates I didn’t imagine I could achieve within this year. I have been supported by an inspiring sea of people striving for the best version of themselves and that of their peers. This placement has far surpassed my expectations and has made me a better version of myself.”