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Building a solid data foundation and achieving information excellence is essential to delivering the business agility needed to navigate change and rapidly make business decisions. Helping business teams harness their data assets and the responsiveness to adjust the collection and communication of these valuable resources is extremely relevant to support the improved efficiencies needed within the organisation in times of change.

So, we’ve brought together experts in data management and strategy to discuss key topics and trends that are reshaping the way companies leverage data, to unlock the full potential of this valuable enterprise asset.

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Season 6 Preview: Podcasts on data strategy, use cases and related SAP solutions

Ep. 58: Part 2: SAP Signavio Process Intelligence integration with SAP Data Intelligence

This episode describes SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: why, what and how. It also discusses the integration between SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Data Intelligence.
Speakers: Senior Director SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, Silvio Arcangeli; and Senior Director Data Management Solution Marketing at SAP, Ginger Gatling.

Ep. 57: Part 1: SAP and Signavio, What and How

This episode introduces you to SAP Signavio. You will gain a good introduction to Siganavio, the key elements and how SAP and Signavio work together for process improvement.
Speakers: Senior Director SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, Silvio Arcangeli; and Senior Director Data Management Solution Marketing at SAP, Ginger Gatling.

Ep. 56: What the Board Needs to Know About Data

This podcast is about the foundation that Board members, particularly those of non-data-native companies, need so they can address the most important opportunities and risks, probe more deeply, and fulfill their oversight responsibilities around data. Join Dr. Thomas C. Redman, “the Data Doc,” President of Data Quality Solutions, and Maria Villar, Enterprise Data Management & Data Strategy Innovator at SAP, as they share their insights.

Ep. 55: Women in Data

Join this interactive discussion with women who have spent their careers in data-related positions, including VP of Global Marketing and Solutions at SAP, Kristin McMahon;  Senior Director in Data Management at SAP, Corrie Brague; Product Marketing Manager at AWS, Ina Felsheim; and Senior Director in Data Management at SAP, Ginger Gatling. You will hear their opinion of where data management is today, some tips if you want to get into a data-related career, and some insight on the importance of data-focused advocates across industries.

Ep. 54: SAP & OpenText: Reduce costs, improve performance and migration to S/4HANA with a robust ROI

This episode explains document processing, the partnership with OpenText and a recent ROI study on the reduction of costs, improved performance and effective migration to S/4HANA.
Speakers: Senior Global Director for Marketing and Solutions, Sheila McCarthy; and Senior Director SAP Solution Marketing, Ginger Gatling.

Ep. 53: Sap data and analytics: a customer use case for data integration

This podcast builds on Ep 51 where we discussed data management services available in SAP Business Technology Platform. In this episode we learn about a company with siloed and disconnected data that lacked business context. This podcast shares how the SAP Business Technology Platform, and specifically the data and analytics services, were used to add business context to the existing data sprawl to enable confident decisions.
Speakers: Senior Director Platform & Technology Product Strategy at SAP, Silvio Arcangeli; Data Management Solution Management Lead at SAP, Axel Schuller; Senior Director Data Management Solution Marketing at SAP, Ginger Gatling.

Ep. 52: Finance Data Reconciliation

Did you know that financial data reconciliation is a must-have for every SAP implementation project? What is it and why does every organisation need to pay attention to it? Join Syin Tan, Kevin Zheng, Lucas Morris and Sam Bannigan, representatives from Deloitte’s Data Practice, as they discuss the costs, risks and compliance requirements of financial reconciliation, and how they leveraged SAP Data Intelligence to stay on top of this critical success factor.
Speakers: Data Specialist at Deloitte Consulting, Kevin Zheng; Finance and Data Specialist at Deloitte Consulting, Syin Tan; Finance Specialist at Deloitte Consulting, Lucas Morris.

Ep. 51: Best ways to leverage data management services across SAP Business Technology Platform

This podcast explores the most important data management services available in the SAP Business Technology Platform. These services include data cataloguing and metadata management, data integration, and data processing. We will also discuss how these services are used across the data and analytics portfolio within the SAP Business Technology Platform. Listen in to get the latest on data management services and how you can use them.
Speakers: Senior Director Platform & Technology Product Strategy at SAP, Silvio Arcangeli; Data Management Solution Management Lead at SAP, Axel Schuller; Senior Director Data Management Solution Marketing at SAP, Ginger Gatling.

Ep. 50: SAP and Sodales: How to innovate, build and monetize your SAP BTP solutions Sodales Solutions builds solutions for a company’s health, safety, and environment management – and they do so by using SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Through their ongoing innovation and reliance on SAP BTP, Sodales is making the most out of the white spaces they identify. Listen to what the “SAP BTP role model” has to say and learn more about their innovation approach, thoughts about the SAP store, hiring criteria and more.

Ep. 49: The Forgotten Problem: How to manage data volume growth while decreasing costs and risks
Data volume growth is accelerating. The costs and risks to manage all that data go beyond just storage. Join CEO of Auritas, Deepak Sood; and Senior Director for Solution Management, Business Technology Platform at SAP, Robert Pickering, as they discuss how and why to manage the lifecycle of data while balancing the cost of resources, ownership, risk and legal compliance.

Ep. 48: Exploring the Partner Value of SAP BTP with SAP, IDC and SAP partner Rizing
In this podcast episode, you will hear from executives at SAP, IDC and SAP partner Rizing, on the value partners derive from SAP’s Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Led by Paul Edwards (Director, Software Channels & Ecosystems at IDC), an informed discussion with Martin Stenzig (CTO, Rizing) and Tom Le (Global VP Partner Solution Advisory, SAP) expands on the findings of the IDC Partner Success Guide, which explores the business and technology accelerators available to partners through SAP BTP. The executives cover topics such as how Rizing is innovating with SAP BTP, the scope and impact the platform has on the customer lifetime value, and the SAP programmes offered to ensure partner success with SAP BTP.

Ep. 47: Commodity Price Prediction with SAP Data Intelligence
Ratan Yedla and Sumanth Krishnan from VASPP Technologies discuss how Commodity Price Prediction works with SAP Data Intelligence. They discuss the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) models to predict future prices based on previous patterns, external events and IoT data. This  predicts prices with less forecast error to enable better buying decisions which helps yield cost savings for organisations. VASPP Technologies did this work during the SAP Data Intelligence content sprint.

Ep. 46: Building DataXstream’s Intelligent Automation with SAP Data Intelligence
Xilin Cheng and Kathleen Taggart from DataXstream discuss building Intelligent Automation (IA) and the advantages of using SAP Data Intelligence for MLOps. The team goes over the problem wholesale distributors face with trying to fulfill large quotes and orders accurately and efficiently. Traditionally, this required Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who understood SAP GUI and had years of industry experience, spending hours inputting data. With Intelligent Automation, optical character recognition (OCR) is used to read text into the machine learning models built by Xilin. He discusses the natural language processing (NLP) techniques used in addition to the advantages of developing machine learning pipelines in SAP Data Intelligence. Kathleen and Xilin then wrap up with the future of Intelligent Automation and the potential of using machine learning to win more deals and improve customer buying experience.

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