While COVID-19 has restricted many normal daily activities, Ellsworth Foods wants to make sure good eating is not one of them.

The company provides families in the southeastern U.S. with high-quality, great tasting food that is free from unwanted additives such as fillers, steroids, and growth hormones – all while supporting local farmers, ranchers, and artisans.

Under the names Blue Ribbon Foods and Southern Foods At Home, the company is working long and hard to make sure every family receives their personalized home delivery during this time of increased need.

With more people eating at home, the warehouse and logistics teams are running extra shifts while reorder specialists are booking deliveries as quickly as possible. Ellsworth Foods also needed to use technology to ramp up and expand quickly in order to meet demands.

“We’re really grateful for the families that are trusting us to serve them during this unprecedented time and that our team has stepped up in a truly incredible way to make sure everyone is taken care of,” said Mike Cohen, president of Ellsworth Foods. “We’re operating in a whole new world and trying to navigate it as best as we can. Our people need the support of systems that can integrate and manage sales, inventory, purchasing, and accounting.”

SAP partner Synesis International brought SAP Business One to Ellsworth years ago. The last few months have been particularly challenging as the company served an increasing market of stay-at-home families and people looking for resources that grocery stores are unable to provide.

To keep employees and customers safe, all Ellsworth Foods delivery personnel follow strict Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. They wear gloves and masks, practice social distancing, and follow enhanced sanitation protocols. Ellsworth Foods even offers two new no-touch delivery options as well.

“I’m really happy that we can play a small role in helping to keep our customers, employees, their families, and our community safe,” said Kathleen Payne, vice president of Synesis International.

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