Partner Solution Progression and SAP Endorsed Apps: Integral Components of Next-Generation Partnering


The Partner Solution Progression framework is part of SAP’s next-generation partnering movement, which represents a new level of partner commitment – a promise from SAP to help partners successfully navigate today’s market challenges by providing them with best-in-class experiences and empowering rapid innovation to fuel customer success.

Partner Solution Progression helps innovators quickly scale by collaborating with SAP – from developing applications to identifying opportunities and showcasing these applications on SAP App Center, the company’s global marketplace. We collaborate with partners through this journey, and if we both see the potential for growth, there is a path that brings additional opportunity, backed by marketing and sales support from SAP. Because this progression is flexible, partners can find the spot that best fits their application, plan, and priorities.

Infographic: Partner Solution Progression
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SAP is also  excited to announce SAP Endorsed Apps, a new category of solutions from the SAP ecosystem of partners. Launching this week at SAP Global Partner Summit Online, the apps are designed to help customers become best-run intelligent enterprises. SAP Endorsed Apps deliver proven value with desired outcomes – quickly, effectively, and with great confidence.

SAP Endorsed Apps can round out a solution offering and deliver proven results to help solve customers’ business challenges. Through this designation, customers will be able to quickly find partner apps that they know they can trust on SAP App Center. SAP Endorsed Apps logos on the newly redesigned SAP App Center highlight this category. This new initiative allows a business to take advantage of complete, proven solutions, with the most innovative technology brought by partner apps endorsed by SAP.

SAP Endorsed Apps is an invitation-only program, part of Partner Software Progression, through which SAP identifies the top-rated partners and apps that are verified to deliver outstanding value to customers. Once a partner has been invited to participate, its solution must undergo a series of stringent tests – beyond standard SAP certification – to ensure it meets the requirements of premium certification. Premium certification is specifically designed to recognize SAP Endorsed Apps, denoting a higher level of security, helping ensure less risk for customers. As more business moves online in this current climate, mitigating risk has never been more important. This level of certification is achieved through added technical quality checks conducted by SAP Integration and Certification Center, during which code is analyzed and custom recommendations are provided for enhancing and optimizing the solution.

Partners in this initiative are offering customer experience (CX), human resources (HR), and platform and technology apps on SAP App Center right now. Find them here.

Our goal is mutual success. The ecosystem of SAP partners is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and partners and the new enhancements available to partners benefit customers by providing the ideas and innovations they want. SAP partners can tap into SAP data, systems and brand to deliver new value to new audiences and expand offerings to existing customers.

SAP and partners are working together to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise to customers, empowering all of our businesses to succeed and evolve.

Darryl Gray is global vice president of Software Solution Partner Success in the SAP Global Partner Organization at SAP.