For the first time, SAP has received an International Customer Experience (CX) award for a customer innovation project based on SAP Business Technology Platform.

Held entirely online, the International CX Awards brought together some of the leading lights from the global customer experience (CX) community to share knowledge about this extraordinary year and compete for the industry’s top accolades. Of more than 100 finalists, SAP was named a gold award winner for three key innovations with Parkland Health & Hospital System, in two award categories: Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback and Digital Transformation: Solution for the Customer.

Four Weeks, Three Innovations, Two Companies, One Team

When the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, Parkland leaders knew they needed to find immediate solutions to a number of challenges. The hospital’s call center was overwhelmed, and patients were waiting up to 45 minutes to get information about coronavirus and testing. With ICU cases climbing, executives needed access to real-time data in order to have a full picture of the situation and make informed, critical decisions.

In just four weeks, Parkland and SAP were able to tackle urgent needs related to COVID-19 by creating and delivering three important innovations:

  • A COVID-19 command center dashboard shows key COVID-19 metrics based on both internal and external data. This dashboard allows Parkland executives to meet up to twice daily and easily drill into the data to track the course of COVID-19 and make essential decisions.
  • A critical inventory tracker mobile app enables staff to collect and view inventory stock levels in real time, which helps ensure accurate tracking and availability of critical inventory such as ventilators.
  • A simple but effective online, self-service, multilingual symptom checker chatbot built into the hospital website enables patients to enter their symptoms and go through an initial COVID-19 screening. The chatbot helped Parkland to reduce call loads in its call centers; reduce face-to-face health assessments for improved safety; serve a diverse patient base, including a large Hispanic population, with multi-language support; and provide a single source of truth for executives and health practitioners monitoring COVID-19 patients and symptoms.

To help ensure a successful outcome for the solutions, Parkland and SAP leveraged a human-centered approach to innovation, fostering creativity in a virtual environment and turning ideas into tangible prototypes. The SAP team made use of their innovation toolkit to support remote delivery of the innovations.

SAP’s human-centered approach to innovation turns ideas into innovative solutions that deliver profitable business outcomes with a unique approach that balances people, process, and technology. Our holistic approach to innovation is putting the human at the center at all times. We focus on making innovation real by covering all areas of the innovation equation, from ideation to full-scale operation. We bridge the gap between our customer’s business and IT experts by talking to the real end users, getting their input and feedback to create real business value.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is an integrated offering comprised of four technology portfolios: database and data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies. SAP BTP helps customers unify processes across the business from a single, trusted enterprise foundation, and, as demonstrated with the Parkland innovations, accelerates implementation of integration scenarios for far richer interactions between core systems and applications.

Generic COVID-19 Symptom Checker Chatbot Use Case on SAP Discovery Center

Many hospitals and health systems are facing challenges around call volumes, the need for quicker response times, and access to information. SAP is helping to make innovation scalable and providing comprehensive information about the services needed to run the COVID-19 symptom checker use case via SAP Discovery Center. What initially took nine days from idea to activation can now be built and deployed by any SAP Business Technology Platform customer in a matter of hours.

SAP is proud of winning these International Customer Experience Awards, as it underlines the company’s vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.