What we have been doing to stay inspired through the long slog of the pandemic and the routine of working from home every single day? No, it’s not yoga, knitting, or baking sourdough bread – though that might be fun.

Instead, we’ve both been reading through this year’s SAP Innovation Award entries. Honestly, how could these stories not inspire the SAP community? They are creative, impactful, motivating, and, indeed, astonishing!

Today, we are proud and honored to announce the finalists for the 2021 SAP Innovation Awards and share in the amazing achievements these outstanding members of the SAP ecosystem delivered to improve customer experiences, solve complex challenges, and serve the greater good. Before we do, it’s worth reminding everyone how hard it is to even get to the finalist stage. There was a total of 376 submissions that were carefully reviewed – that’s 44% more than last year and a new record – from across 27 vertical categories encompassing airlines to wholesalers.

We also want to thank our judges who had the unenviable task of narrowing down the submissions to a list of 70 finalists representing seven categories: Social Catalyst, Industry Leader, Transformation Champion, Business Innovator, Cloud Genius, Adoption Superhero, and Partner Paragon.

Without further ado, this year’s finalists include well-known brands like Philips, PayPal, and Vodafone; technical innovators such as IBM, Capgemini, and Accenture; and organizations making a difference in the world like GENYOUth and Heidelberg University Hospital. Congratulations everyone on this tremendous accomplishment!

Logos of the 2021 SAP Innovation Awards finalists
The 70 SAP Innovation Awards finalists. See their stories here.

Be sure to check back next month when, on April 14, we share the winners of the 2021 SAP Innovation Awards. The lucky winners receive a trophy, a US$1,000 donation to charity, a celebratory awards ceremony, and, of course, are entitled to bragging rights with their peers, co-workers, and relatives. Some finalists and winners will also have their stories amplified on Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, participate in the Innovation Success by SAP podcast, interview with the media, be promoted on social media, and more. We know how to make our winners feel special! Follow #SAPInnovation to stay up-to-date on the latest.

Thanks again to all of our customers and partners that submitted entries, the teams that supported them, and our judges who evaluated them. We can’t wait to celebrate with our winners, finalists, and everybody in the SAP Innovation Awards community!