We live in an industrial age linear model of “take, make, waste,” in which more than 91% of raw materials, including fossil fuels, are not reusable and are therefore wasted.

What’s worse is that this model also contributes to more than two-thirds of global greenhouse emissions, creating a vicious cycle of economic, social, and environmental inequality.

If we are to create a sustainable future, we must effect massive change.

Imagine a future that looks greener, cleaner, and more equal than the world we live in today. A world of zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

At SAP, we dare to not just dream about this aspiration, but to power the technology and innovation that is required to activate this bold vision into reality. Technology that can enable businesses to fundamentally rethink how they manage their carbon footprints, design new business processes that create opportunity rather than generate waste, and provide the transparency and regulatory compliance to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of economic, social, and environmental governance.

Inspired by the notion that sustainable businesses can effectively lead the way to this ambition, we are launching a new series, Chasing Zero.

Chasing Zero by SAP

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Chasing Zero by SAP

Chasing Zero will feature executive thought leadership and provide unique points of view and insights into sustainability-related transformation from some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. It will highlight best practices from the global SAP ecosystem of leading thinkers and academics, as well as customers and partners.

To learn more, visit sap.com/ChasingZero. There you can fill out a submission form to share how your company is also chasing Zero.

Together, let’s start “chasing zero” to enable a better tomorrow.

Vivek Bapat is senior vice president of Purpose and Sustainability Marketing at SAP.