At SAP, we are committed to enabling our customers to use data and analytics as a differentiator and competitive strength: focused on the strategic role of data in transformation and channeling data to create value.

Data management solutions from SAP power SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), delivering solutions that drive a data strategy and maximize the value of data. Combined with data management, SAP BTP brings together database, analytics, integration, and extension capabilities with intelligent enterprise applications into one platform for both cloud and hybrid environments.

By making data management a priority, customers can take advantage of the volume and variety of data, successfully driving business processes and innovations. A data management approach helps your company drive success in the future.

We are honored that customers value our data passion and recently expressed their appreciation through online reviews, earning SAP the Top Rated award in both the Master Data Management category and the Data Fabric category.

“Buyers have many options when it comes to selecting a master data governance solution,” said Megan Headley, vice president of Research at TrustRadius. “SAP Master Data Governance earned a Top Rated award based entirely on feedback from its customers. Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight the product’s high performance, ease of data management, and flexibility of integrations.”

“SAP Data Intelligence has earned a Data Fabric Top Rated award based directly on feedback from its customers,” Headley continued. “Reviewers on TrustRadius value SAP Data Intelligence features for transforming data, as well as its ability to accept data from a wide variety of sources.”

This acknowledgement is a great honor for multiple reasons. Not only are the Trust Radius Top Rated awards the industry standard for unbiased recognition of the best technology products; more importantly, they are the direct result of our customer engagement. We view this recognition as a testament to our customer-focused data management approach, validating our solution strategy and vision for SAP Master Data Governance and SAP Data Intelligence to deliver next-generation data management capabilities for our customers.

TrustRadius helps drive collaboration with our customers and partners by continuously capturing and acting on customer input to drive relevant improvements. Listening to our data-passionate customers and focusing on active listening combined with effective feedback loops to drive solution improvements enables SAP to better serve customer challenges and continuously deliver innovative industry solutions.

Read the reviews on TrustRadius for both SAP Master Data Governance and SAP Data Intelligence.

Andreas Wesselmann is senior vice president of SAP HANA and Analytics, Data Management at SAP.