Zoosh is a venture building company that helps its customers to validate new ideas and then build, deploy, and operate them using cloud technology.

Businesses go to them to innovate and transform, and SAP Business Technology Platform is the platform Zoosh uses to enable that process.

One of its most recent SAP BTP success stories is OptaHaul, a solution for the dairy industry that streamlines the often-complex process of collecting and delivering milk to the processing plant.

Mervyn Graham, co-founder and CEO of Zoosh, explains how it works: “Optahaul automatically understands all of the factors and parameters that come into play when collecting milk from suppliers – from the turning circles on farms, to the availability of on-site pumps, to the amount and type of milk being collected and the distances between farms and processing plants. It allows for greater efficiency in planning and kilometers traveled, as well as can tangibly reduce milk product waste and carbon emissions.”

Zoosh was initially approached to solve the problem by a milk producer in Hungary, Eastern Europe’s largest milk producer. But, based on research, it became clear to the team that the issues were commonplace across the dairy industry.

“Dairy processors were using generic, traditional logistics planning software that didn’t understand the industry and the variables within it,” adds Graham. “Dairy processors need one system that offers complete synchronicity, bringing together every element of the milk collection workflow.”

Zoosh is a ‘design-led’ organization, with every project starting with a research and consultation phase so the team can interview, observe, and put into context how the customer will use and benefit from the solution. Then it builds the tech response around its acquired understanding of the user and business priorities.

What SAP BTP enables the company to do is to build that response in a simple way.

“Previously the SAP portfolio was more fragmented and compartmentalized. SAP BTP is a cocktail of enablers that together can be quite powerful,” says Graham. “SAP BTP encompasses all the tech we are familiar with and have typically leveraged for solution creation, but it simplifies the conversation that we have with our customers.”

Summing up the platform, Graham describes it as ‘future-proof innovation’ that can work for both greenfield customers and existing SAP customers.

“With SAP BTP, you’re investing in a much more solid experience, one with much less risk, that has scalability when you need it,” adds Graham. “You’re keeping the business core systems clean by having this isolated and agile innovation platform that you can expand and contract with your varying business needs.”

While there is always going to be a need to service customers’ IT needs and solutions, what SAP BTP does is allow partners to become product developers. As consumers become ever more app-savvy, customers expect easy-to-access, plug-and-play apps that solve their business needs.

“This is the future of our partner ecosystem: we’re seeing more and more partners building parallel business streams so they can invest in product development,” says Graham.