Beauty and the Supply Chain: SAP Releases New Mobile Strategy

This is the time for mobile business solutions. Companies worldwide are giving their employees more flexibility in their choice of workplace and working hours. At the same time, global supply chains and many other key business processes are under tremendous pressure.

And while solutions for greater flexibility and resilience are in urgent demand almost everywhere, the potential for apps in the corporate sector is far from exhausted, even though smartphones have long been everyday items for many worldwide.

That’s why SAP is strengthening its communication of a new strategy for mobile solutions.

A new mobile strategy paper makes clear that SAP is not just concerned with offering apps for various business use cases, but with creating an effective native suite experience for a wide range of industries and enterprise processes. This suite is intended to be as easy to use and implement as possible, and address the challenges that many companies are facing right now.

“For some time now, we have been looking at how mobile consumer products support people in different life and work situations,” says Florian Heretsch, vice president and head of the Mobile Experience & Engineering Unit at SAP. “What has become indispensable for mobile users — excellent experience, on-device intelligence, and contextual awareness — is what we are specifically inducing now into critical business processes.”

The paper outlines how SAP apps take a fresh approach to professional user experience (UX) with many major improvements and smaller tweaks for daily to-dos, designed to trigger a “want to use” feeling.

The SAP Mobile Start app plays an important role in this, providing a native entry point for a wide variety of roles from different business units and industries. It centralizes workflows while making them more flexible to use. For easier access to specific SAP features, SAP Mobile Start connects applications such as the new SAP Warehouse Operator mobile app and SAP Direct Distribution, as well as SAP SuccessFactors for human capital management and SAP Concur solutions for easy travel and expense management. Even third-party apps can be integrated.

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The tone SAP is setting with its mobile initiative also emphasizes on the collaboration with renowned industry partners and the improved integration into existing enterprise scenarios based on SAP technology.

The result is quite unique in the markets: attractive human-centric design meets SAP’s unparalleled industry power.

“Probably no one else but SAP brings such extensive experience into play when it comes to digitizing and increasing the efficiency of industry-specific and global processes,” Heretsch says. “That’s what we build on — to put exactly what the user needs onto people’s mobile devices, enabling them to trigger the best possible action at the right time.”

Acting more effectively, sustainable, and more resilient — all of that becomes possible when SAP’s business expertise and an ubiquitous mobile technology work together to improve work life, wherever it happens.

Stephan Kamps is a product expert for SAP Mobile Experience.