New Cognizant and SAP Agreement Focuses on Accelerating Customers’ Digital Transformation


At the SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Forum, taking place this week in Orlando, SAP Signavio Co-General Managers Gero Decker and Rouven Morato welcomed Cognizant Executive Council Member Rob Vatter on stage to announce a new approach to digital transformation projects.

Companies across the globe are embarking on digital transformation journeys and deploying the latest technologies to cope with ongoing and increasing market disruptions. To help clients more rapidly move projects from concept to value realization, Cognizant and SAP have expanded their existing relationship. This first-of-its-kind agreement between the two companies allows Cognizant and SAP Signavio to work as strategic partners and provide clients with greater visibility into process analysis, best practice adoption, and automation, accelerating the path to modernization.

Under this unique agreement, Cognizant will use SAP Signavio solutions across its engagements to help customers identify process inefficiencies and define improvements that will pay dividends to clients looking to achieve higher agility and resilience. Especially in times like these, this is tied to an optimized usage of operational systems, resulting in greater return on investment (ROI) and creating a technology foundation that will support long-term business success.

With this expanded relationship, Cognizant and SAP Signavio seek to change the way organizations think about the role of technology in business transformations and ongoing strategic change management. By using SAP Signavio solutions to introduce the power of a process-centric mindset, Cognizant will be able to provide clients a simplified and faster move to the intelligent sustainable enterprise.

Critical business processes — such as order to cash, procure to pay, and hire to retire — represent the lifeblood of every business. For many customers, determining which applications and processes represent the greatest risk and most pressing need for remediation can be time- and resource-intensive. Working with SAP Signavio, Cognizant can significantly accelerate customer time to value — a major step in creating the right experiences for clients as they embark and continue through their cloud modernization journey.

At the start of a client engagement, Cognizant will use SAP Signavio solutions to show customers a holistic view of existing business processes, identify problem areas, and create both a vision for a target state, as well as guidance on the steps needed to arrive at the customer’s goal. Once the initial solution is in place, Cognizant’s world-class enterprise managed services will be able to monitor, manage, and optimize the new enterprise environment with SAP Signavio. Having clarity on the interplay of business processes and operational systems, along with the ability to model the impact of process or technology changes, gives companies the confidence to respond swiftly to market changes and stay a step ahead of the competition.

“Behind every cloud migration is a business transformation. And to have a successful business transformation we must modernize the way business processes drive business outcomes,” said Vatter. “The longstanding partnership we have with SAP and our familiarity with our clients’ SAP environments give us greater clarity into the big picture of what is needed to achieve these complex technical and organizational transformations. Bringing the SAP Signavio suite of tools to the table for our clients will only improve our ability to get clients to the outcomes they seek.”

“At SAP Signavio, we have seen that customers that take a strategic and ongoing approach to process transformation see greater return on technology investments,” said Morato. “Our solutions encourage a collaborative environment, helping business leaders to understand the power of operational systems in the support of business goals while creating a shared understanding of the issues at hand. With Cognizant, we have an innovative partner that shares our vision. Together we have the scope of knowledge, depth of expertise, and global reach needed to help our customers meet the challenges of today while positioning them to thrive in an unpredictable future.”

Cognizant is a seasoned SAP partner with more than 340,000 employees and decades of experience across various industries, deep knowledge in translating process needs, an understanding of heterogenous IT landscapes, and a track record of delivering on successful project outcomes.

Mani Pirouz is chief partner officer for SAP Signavio.