We are witnessing transformations on a global scale that are quite inevitably accelerating change. One example of this is that intelligent enterprises are optimizing their operations to run a profitable business, while simultaneously being disruptive by transforming their traditional businesses to support future prosperity and success.

In this context, SAP has determined three customer imperatives that are most critical for future prosperity and success: business transformation, supply chain resilience, and sustainability outcomes.

The cloud enables customers to build and adapt their digital landscapes as a mesh of modular, specialized, standard cloud applications to best support their business and customers in a flexible manner. This flexibility delivers a new level of agility and scalability to enterprises. With the introduction of enterprise agreements, SAP offers this agility and flexibility commercially for its industry cloud.

What Is Industry Cloud?

SAP’s industry cloud solutions are industry-specific extensions of the company’s core offering. Built to transform businesses by adopting industry next-practices, industry cloud offers an innovation space with access to easy-to-consume, modular applications across industries, such as SAP Intelligent Returns Management for retail or SAP Batch Release Hub for Life Sciences​.

Built by SAP and partners on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), these solutions are part of our modular cloud portfolio, enabling businesses of all sizes to drive digital transformation, profitably and sustainably, seize new opportunities, and manage business disruption and change.

What Is the Value Proposition for Industry Cloud Enterprise Agreements?

The big benefit of the industry cloud enterprise agreement is for our customers to have a far simpler way to access innovation. With this commercial vehicle, customers can really see the value that we are bringing, and then also decide – on their own – what modules of their cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) journey they want to employ at a certain point in time. This works by allowing customers to access, try, and use any of the industry cloud applications at the click of a button, therefore offering a completely new level of flexibility and simplicity when managing their subscriptions.

How Do Industry Cloud Enterprise Agreements Work for Customers?

Customers with industry cloud enterprise agreements have access to SAP for Me, SAP’s digital front-end for license, subscription, and contract transparency and management. Within SAP for Me they can call-off any of the industry cloud applications and start using them – or also stop using them. The usage is calculated every month and deducted from the overall commitment to the enterprise agreement. In SAP for Me, customers have transparency over their usage levels.

What Are the Benefits of Industry Cloud Enterprise Agreements?

  • Ease of buying: The contract only reflects an overall commitment and does not require upfront application or usage specification over the contract length. Any application call-off does not require additional contracts or sales engagements.
  • Ease of change: Customers can flexibly adapt which applications they want to use and are also free to adapt their usage patterns over the full contract length.
  • Future-proof: The industry cloud portfolio is constantly evolving, industry cloud enterprise agreement customers have also access to any future industry cloud application for their industry when they become available.

When can customers start benefiting?

At launch, the industry cloud enterprise agreement will be targeted to the agribusiness industry. Further industries will follow.