Given that SAP customers generate 87% of total global commerce, I can comfortably say we know a lot about how businesses run — in any industry, in any corner of the planet. So, it’s not surprising that we have a technology platform that is geared toward fast business value creation: SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

It’s been around for three years, and we have more than 15,500 live customers on SAP BTP with an ecosystem of over 1,500 partners working with us.

SAP BTP is not just a unified technology environment optimized for SAP applications helping move companies to the cloud. It also has all the necessary tools and services as a comprehensive and interoperable platform enabling application development, data management, planning and analytics, integration, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. From Villeroy & Boch automating 91% of incoming emails to NHL hockey team the San Jose Sharks embracing data insights to grow fan engagements, SAP BTP is powerful technology.

Business has been at the core of everything we do at SAP in our 50-year history; it’s what sets us apart from other providers. That is the ‘B’ in BTP. It stands to reason that our technology and platform create business value by enabling developers, business users, and ecosystem partners to innovate with market-leading capabilities and native integration, building faster with business context and running with confidence on a trusted platform.

Business-centricity includes semantic integration of data to make it consistent across various SAP solutions and ready for business consumption. SAP BTP users have easy role-based, governed access to relevant content and contextual data sitting in line-of-business applications. The platform contextualizes the business data as needed by use case.

Finally, imagine that with semantic integration and contextualized data, customers can instantly use data from SAP applications without losing business context and meaning, leading to faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership. No matter where the data comes from or which use case is used, the user gets a harmonized experience.

This past year, I have spoken to numerous customers and partners who have told me that SAP BTP is top of their minds, and they all want to learn more. Global market intelligence firm IDC went a step further. IDC interviewed nine SAP BTP customers about what business challenges are top of mind, why they selected the SAP platform, and what business value they derived from their investment in SAP BTP. Across the nine customers interviewed in the IDC’s study, it yielded benefits worth an annual average of $195,000 per 100 SAP users, an average three-year return on investment (ROI) of 495%, and a break-even point averaging only six months.

In the context of integration and development gains through SAP BTP, one customer cited: “With SAP BTP, it has taken us two months to mobilize a full carbon reporting platform in terms of development across many different systems with numerous data sources. That’s not a lot of time because it was meant to take 12 months. It’s speed to value, it’s how quickly can the business that we’re working with realize the value of the data in their processes.”

Further customer use cases across SAP BTP and findings can be found in the full white paper here.*

IDC also developed a fully interactive and dynamic business value tool on sap.com. Business leaders and IT professionals can enter information about their business and desired goals, and the tool will generate a custom report for each participant using it, allowing them to quantify the value SAP BTP could bring to their organization.

Let me sum it up: more than 15,500 cloud customers are live on SAP BTP with access to extensions, use cases. and several thousand pre-built business content packages across all SAP BTP capabilities. We have a large ecosystem of more than 1,500 partners using SAP BTP. The available SAP BTP business content packs and use cases include:

  • More than 3,300 APIs
  • Packages and dashboards for analytics – more than 260 data and analytics packages
  • Integration flows – more than 2,600 pre-built integrations
  • Process automation packages and bots – more than 300 SAP Process Automation Packages business rules, data models, and more

Businesses that use SAP BTP do not have to start with a blank canvas. Our expert-built use cases, pre-built business, and industry content help customers understand what is possible to keep their business innovative and future ready. One thing to remember is that pre-built business content may not get you 100% of what you need but is likely to get you 80% or more to where you need to be. You can then add the remaining specific features and functionalities required for your business. This is usually implemented within a two-to-four-week period versus six months, typically.

Learn how to get started with and how to get the value of SAP BTP for your business: “Implement SAP Use Cases with Pre-Built Business Content.”

Juergen Mueller is CTO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE.

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by SAP, The Business Value of SAP Business Technology Platform, IDC #EUR149650022, September 2022