A customized, intuitive user experience is a powerful tool to grow and win sales. Having an engaging demo enlivens the discussion by showing how and why a solution is the best fit to achieve a customer’s goals. This visceral experience often closes the deal for many customers.

SAP Partner Demo Environment delivers end-to-end, integrated, pre-scripted solutions that help partners showcase the promise and opportunity of customers becoming an intelligent enterprise – and no authorization or costly integration is required.

Over the last two and half years, partners have used the environment to pitch and sell customers on RISE with SAP, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), SAP’s industry cloud, and more.

Every day, partners are using the demo to connect with customers. Since the launch of SAP Partner Demo Environment:

  • More than 1,400 partner companies – 6,000 system users globally – have gained free access
  • Over 12,000 demo scripts have been consumed
  • Nearly 500 demo concierge sessions, including presales validations, have been executed

The most successful partners at SAP use the environment for sales and presales engagements. For example, partners using a demo enjoy twice the RISE with SAP deals and opportunities.

“We were able to confidently demonstrate the business case, in an industry that is not our main expertise, and still win the sale due to the shared environment.”

— Allen Pizaia, Architecture and Solutions Manager, SPRO Consultoria e Informatica Ltda.

With the December 2022 release, SAP added 21 new live demo scenarios with a key focus on RISE with SAP, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP’s industry cloud, sustainability, and more.

SAP Partner Demo Environment includes more than 40 integrated SAP solutions. This growing landscape now offers partners access to about 600 demos, including over 150 live demos across SAP’s key business and technology solutions and more than 440 offline demos in SAP Demo Store.

Access has never been easier. We cut the assessment to gain access from 90 minutes to 30 minutes and added new, more relevant video content that details key features, rules for successful use, and instructions.

To support the best possible partner experience, we continue to introduce new webinars and SAP Learning Journeys. Visit the shared demo services on the SAP Partner Portal site (SAP partner access only) to learn more about SAP Partner Demo Environment.

Your feedback is critical to help us grow and improve SAP Partner Demo Environment (free access for eligible partners). Because the needs of customers vary and shift, we encourage an open feedback loop with partners. The ideas and requests you submit directly influence the demo portfolio. Thanks to your feedback, we are happy to report an 83% positive partner response rate on SAP Partner Demo Environment.