Companies are under tremendous pressure to remain competitive. This requires the reinvention of themselves and their offerings, along with their underlying IT systems – while still operating. And all of this needs talent.

In times of everything-as-a-service, it is important for SAP experts to build modular system architectures for the sustainable enterprise using SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). But unfortunately, according to ASUG, maintaining knowledgeable staff and internal skills hindered organizations’ technology and business progress.  

Acknowledging these challenges and embracing the power of SAP’s partner ecosystem, SAP has launched an enhanced partner experience on the SAP Learning site specifically tailored to the needs of partner learners. This new experience features curated SAP Learning Journeys, exclusive access to events and subject matter experts, plus the opportunity to earn valuable credentials.

And this SAP partner enablement model is not the typical training. As much as a golf coach can explain how to perfect a swing, true learning actually happens when golfers swing the clubs themselves. Similarly, the partner experience on SAP Learning can provide hands-on interaction designed to help build skills using practical scenarios. Additionally, our newly launched platform can give SAP partner learners access to the right resources for a significantly reduced price per user per year – including certifications. 

Explore learning resources tailored exclusively for our partner ecosystem

Beginning January 2024, SAP partners accessing the new learning experience will receive the following:

  • Free, self-paced courses that can enable learners to quickly upskill, reskill, and stay up-to-date, offering engaging learning, rightsized to fit the learner’s day-to-day work needs
  • Partner-specific SAP Learning Journeys that can enable partners to become an extension of the SAP team
  • Enhanced analytics, providing the ability to map and track individual skills and to monitor the growth of certified consultants and active learners
  • Access to expert-led live sessions
  • Unlimited on-demand access to hands-on practice systems
  • Four certification exam attempts
  • A single starting point for partner digital learning with AI-supported search across content repositories

Keeping skills current is the key to unlocking success, and it ensures access to future job opportunities. It is important to stay relevant in the work that SAP professionals do as businesses transform. That is why SAP helps make it easier to stay up-to-date with certifications:

  • Certification validity will be 12 months from the assessment completion date to the next checkpoint. This supports professionals in staying up to speed with innovations and new methodologies.  
  • SAP is transforming certifications to become role-based – such as, enterprise architect or backend developer – adapting the learning efforts to the needs of the partner consultants. This shift aligns better with the needs of the learner, thus making the training more efficient.

With the new partner experience on SAP Learning, partner learners can access free content and take advantage of reduced fees for premium SAP partner enablement. They can also get more chances to earn certifications and benefit from extended certification validity and personalized role-based training.

Doubling down on SAP’s cloud-only innovation strategy, we continue to focus on developing new talent and capacity in the ecosystem to support the increased future demand for cloud transformation across our customer base.

For more information, visit the partner experience section on the SAP Learning site

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Tine Vandenbreeden is global VP of Digital Partner Learning at SAP.

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