SAP Recognized as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces


Today’s digital workplace is constantly evolving, but the way we work is still siloed and complicated. Employees often waste time switching between applications, searching for information, finding data, and seeking recommendations and insights to get work done. They desire an intelligent work experience to boost engagement and productivity.  

SAP Build Work Zone provides a unified, intelligent work experience for the modern workforce.

2024 IDC MarketScape: Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces Recognition

SAP has been recognized as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces 2024 Vendor Assessment (doc # US49741923, January 2024), based on IDC analysts and customer feedback. We believe this recognition acknowledges SAP’s ongoing dedication in delivering a modern, robust digital workplace solution to optimize user engagement and productivity, and to drive overall business agility.

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IDC defines an intelligent digital workspace as a well-organized system of tools working together to enhance end users’ overall productivity and experiences. This system integrates intentional design, engineering, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a customized and seamless view of tools for user tasks. It ensures secure access to resources from any location or device and enables IT and security professionals with complete oversight.

As stated within this IDC MarketScape report, “Client organizations we interviewed noted that SAP Build Work Zone reinforced the importance of collaboration and knowledge management.”

Here are the additional highlights on strengths of SAP Build Work Zone noted in the report:

  • A unified digital workspace: SAP Build Work Zone supports building blocks of content, user interface (UI) integration cards, and home page widgets to embed and display SAP or third-party business data in one workspace. Guided experiences sit on top of workflows to guide the user journey.
  • Streamlined user tasks: SAP Task Center is used within SAP Build Work Zone to act as a unified inbox to provide one place for all approvals and to dos. Global announcements can be tracked for reads and to check length of time spent on content items with native SAP analytics, or with third-party tools such as Google Analytics or Qualtrics. Customers have noted that SAP Build Work Zone provided a friendly UI and access to all functionality on the mobile app.
  • Seamless connection to a comprehensive product suite: SAP Build Work Zone is used to connect the SAP suite of capabilities — including SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Success Factors, and SAP Integrated Business Planning solutions — to handle workflow and collaboration of tasks across multiple IT and business users. SAP Build Work Zone offers pre-built workspace templates with public, private, or external access and an impersonation feature to preview workspaces in-context of specific audience segments.

Evolving the Digital Workplace with SAP Build Work Zone  

Unify Experiences Enterprise-Wide

Business users gain centralized access to SAP and non-SAP business applications, processes, and information, including custom-built apps and extensions, from desktop to mobile using SAP Build Work Zone. The solution offers a personalized, role-based user experience, for example, allowing business users to quickly search for applications or information they need, promptly manage tasks and notifications through the integrated inbox, and stay updated on content, apps, workflows, and processes that are seamlessly integrated across the business landscape without constantly switching around applications or leaving their desktops.

Build Workspaces Simpler and Faster with Low-Code

Business users are empowered to build and customize business sites visually. They can build branded sites, pages, and workspaces for different purposes and complexity. Our pre-built line-of-business content — including home pages, workspaces, integrations, and guided experiences — dramatically accelerates their time-to-value. For example, HR users can create pages for benefits announcements and design workspaces for learning academies. With the flexibility to design a tailored digital experience, business users can organize their work intuitively by bringing together their favorite business applications and unstructured content side-by-side, within a unified environment.

UI integration cards is a powerful widget to visualize data from back-end systems, allowing business users to quickly gain business insights into, for example, purchasing trends, account receivable overview, or compliance checklist. In addition, guided experiences streamline complex, difficult processes that span multiple systems, transforming them into simple, fast, and error-free experiences. This empowers business users to self-service their way through cross-application processes such as onboarding, returning to work, or submitting parental leave requests with ease and confidence.

SAP Build Work Zone is part of SAP Build, a portfolio of low-code solutions that enables the people closest to the business problems to create and augment enterprise applications, automation processes, and design workspaces and business sites visually.

Optimize Team Effectiveness Within and Beyond the Enterprise

SAP Build Work Zone is also designed to amplify team effectiveness across internal employees, external customers, partners, and suppliers. Business users can visually create workspaces to facilitate better team engagement through knowledge sharing, streamlined business processes execution, content management, and implementing best practices. They can also leverage surveys, polls, and interactive Q&A sessions to gather valuable feedback, improving communication and work synergy.

Many SAP Build Work Zone customers have created purpose-built business sites to actively engage with their external customers, partners, and suppliers. For example, a supplier business site is created for suppliers to self-service various business operations, including supplier onboarding, accessing policies, managing account payables and invoicing processes, and obtaining product knowledge along with Q&As. By empowering suppliers to address their requirements and needs, not only enhances their engagement and efficiency but also saves internal teams’ time for more impactful, high-value activities.  

Unlock the Future of Digital Workplaces

Like many customers and partners, Heartland Dental and Avvale chose SAP Build Work Zone and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to improve more than 5,000 business assistant’s user experience and productivity across more than 1,700 dental practices within the national dental network. Since its initial rollout in 2023, it has been reported that 33 hours per day have been saved across the initial 200 supported offices.

Looking ahead, SAP remains dedicated to delivering the best-in-class innovations to our customers to enable their business success, such as injecting business AI capabilities by enabling SAP Joule as the digital assistant for intelligent interactions within SAP Build Work Zone.

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Sid Misra is vice president for Product Marketing and Solution Management at SAP.

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