Companies are leaning more on contingent workers to meet strategic goals and objectives, increasing the proportion of contractors, crowdsourced consultants, freelancers, and gig workers in their total workforce. But do they have the tools to manage this talent smoothly and integrate it with internal employees? Not necessarily.

According to Deloitte, the makeup of the modern workforce is growing so complex that organizational leaders are realizing that their existing workforce management systems are inadequate for bridging the gap between internal and external contributors.

This doesn’t have to be the reality anymore, thanks to the expanded edition of the SAP Preferred Success plan for SAP Fieldglass solutions. Organizations can now create a consistent strategy and experience for their entire workforce – from planning and staffing to onboarding and payment. More important, the plan can empower business leaders to innovate strategies that address future disruption, accelerate capacity ramp-up, and reduce costs.

Setting a Higher Standard for Workforce Management

This expanded edition adds more adoption and utilization-driving features to the base subscription of the SAP Preferred Success plan. Offering greater access to expert guidance, enhanced services, prescriptive reviews, and firsthand assistance with feature adoption, the expanded edition helps surround organizations with the guidance and conversations they need.

Fast track the value of your cloud investments with SAP Preferred Success

A product specialist orchestrates opportunities for an SAP customer to collaborate closely with relevant experts. This includes regular calls to discuss and triage concerns, assess business processes and technology usage, review implementation calendar and plans, document the solution landscape, and deliver services and follow-up.

One enhanced service is a solution review. The one-on-one workshop is tailored to meet the needs and objectives for an effective and efficient operation of SAP Fieldglass solutions, setting a higher standard for operational excellence. Engaging with SAP experts, organizations can obtain recommendations and advice on solution configuration changes that can alleviate pain points, improve the user experience, and eliminate or reduce bottlenecks.

SAP experts dive even deeper into an organization’s specific organizational and workforce needs during the business review. This semiannual, remote, one-on-one workshop allows collaboration with experts to help ensure deployed SAP Fieldglass solutions are optimized and aligned with evolving processes, strategies, and leading practices. Areas where new functionalities can be incorporated into the solutions are also assessed and identified, while business process improvements are considered based on KPI analysis.

The expanded edition also facilitates the activation of new features from SAP Fieldglass solutions that are relevant to business goals and can further enhance the user experience. Assisted by experienced subject-matter experts, organizations can identify, evaluate, deploy, and measure the impact of new features. The new features can also be tested before going live to pinpoint potential effects and determine changes necessary to maximize adoption.

But the benefits of the expanded edition of SAP Preferred Success for SAP Fieldglass solutions don’t end there. It also includes cloud release guidance on new capabilities in the contingent workforce management solutions, allowing organizations to reach their goals on their terms and timelines. Before each release, SAP experts identify release dates, notes, and crucial details surrounding new and sunsetting functionality to help organizational stakeholders stay current on what’s relevant to their business.

Moreover, managed learning resources are available through SAP Learning Hub for up to five administrative users at no extra cost. This component of the expanded edition helps empower the workforce with guided, hands-on training that can maximize the organization’s investment in SAP Fieldglass solutions. Access to learning content for all SAP solutions can enable business teams to learn faster with a redesigned learning experience, innovate smarter, and manage their knowledge proactively.

Driving Resilience with a Well-Managed Workforce

The expanded edition of SAP Preferred Success for SAP Fieldglass solutions offers a comprehensive framework for managing the total workforce, including contingent workers. The plan can empower organizations to navigate complexities and innovate strategies, achieving operational excellence and staying ahead in a dynamic landscape.

Ready to elevate the management of your workforce and forge a resilient path to future success? Visit sap.com or contact your local SAP representative to learn more about the expanded edition of SAP Preferred Success for SAP Fieldglass solutions.

John Wagner Jr. is global practice lead for SAP Preferred Success at SAP.

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