Why start your move to S/4 now?

If you’re running SAP ECC6, you are probably already aware that you will need to move to the more powerful SAP S/4HANA before ECC6 support ends in 2030. But did you know that many of our UVARs members are already supporting ECC6 customers to move?

Our United VARs members have reported that the top three reasons for their customers to start migrating now from ECC to SAP S/4HANA are:

  • Needing to innovate to remain competitive and grow their business.
  • The availability of fixed price, fixed timeline conversion packages via the UVARs members and network.
  • Wanting to ‘beat the rush’ and complete the move to S/4HANA before too many other SAP customers compete for the available global consultants and technical expertise.

Don’t leave it too late to innovate

The official ECC to S/4HANA migration deadline might feel like a long way away right now. But SAP is no longer creating innovations on the ECC system. This means your business could go many years without benefiting from the latest technologies.

It is not enough any more to do ‘business as usual’. Companies with streamlined, automated processes and an advanced ERP platform built for innovation are the only ones who can thrive in this increasingly data-focused, digital world.

SAP S/4 HANA users can adapt and innovate quickly to meet ever-changing customer needs with a speed and flexibility not seen in legacy ERP environments. The transactional core, such as finance and ordering, remains stable so you can create point solutions easily around the edge.

De-risk your move with UVARs S/4 conversion packages

You can minimise project risk by preparing well in advance. If you take the first step in your journey to S/4HANA now, you will have plenty of time to find out what needs to be done. It makes sense to get your master data in order well before migrating, to make sure the project doesn’t get derailed at a later stage. You can get help from a United VARs member to assess your current IT landscape and understand exactly what you need to work on before the move.

We now have a proven methodology to support all SAP ECC customers to have a faster, cost-effective transition to S/4HANA. United VARs members have tailored packages which enable you to migrate for a fixed scope, timeline and price. As the first step in your journey to S/4, United VARs members provide assessment packages prior to the technical conversion, training and other essential services for your move.

United VARs members’ standardised package offerings combine the in-depth knowledge of local requirements and resources in the countries your offices are based in, with the ability to deliver remote tasks globally in a nearshore or offshore environment.

It is essential you get the best advice on all the local requirements for tax and legal reasons. Which is why a blend of front-end ‘on the ground’ expertise and back-end conversion via United VARs and SAP certified packages delivered by our members are the fastest, most cost-effective way for you to upgrade to SAP S/4HANA.

UVARs Conversion Factory Network for a faster, more cost-effective transition

As part of these conversion packages, members also have access to our worldwide network of UVARs Conversion Factories. This means they can do the technical aspects of your conversion remotely. Our Conversion Factories take care of the standardised, repetitive executions which the same for each customer, which keeps costs down.
All certified UVARs Conversion Factories are specialists in ECC to S/4 conversions, so you can be sure your technical conversion is being done by experts.

The right partner for a smooth move to SAP S/4HANA

UVARs is a huge community with advanced, global capabilities. We are working together to support our customers’ transition from ECC to S/4HANA. Here are a few reasons why we are the natural choice for your move to S/4:

  • With 90+ countries covered by our 50+ members, you can be sure that wherever you need us, we’re already there.
  • We all deliver standardised services and technical capabilities on a constantly repeated basis so we are efficient and capable, having already gone through the learning curve.
  • As a network, we have done many conversions and so the outcomes and results are predictable. We can tell you each step of the way how much each phase will cost and how long it will take.
  • We can also make the results clear to you in advance. Our global conversion factory network is available in each region of the world for every customer.
  •  Standardized conversion packages offer you the opportunity to have fixed-price projects with predictable outcomes.
  • By leveraging labour advantages in near-shore or off-shore UVARS Conversion Factories, we can reduce your financial investment.