Looking for a powerful, flexible and affordable way to manage a small business post-pandemic?

Working from home has become an intrinsic part of life for many due to the pandemic. This has led to an increased need for business agility, mobile working capabilities, and end-to-end security.

“The cloud hosted version of SAP Business One makes it easier for small and medium enterprises to function remotely, with built-in capabilities to handle diverse business needs,” says Heinrich de Leeuw, MD, Seidor Africa.

Employees can use this ERP solution from anywhere and at any time, just as if they were working onsite. Data can be accessed in the cloud, and accurate, comprehensive reports created. The software instantly stores all data and makes it accessible to all the relevant stakeholders.

“With SAP Business One, you can create an interactive and intuitive dashboard that assists in sorting out the data, monitoring cash flow, and performing multiple other tasks,” adds de Leeuw.

As remote working and remote connections gain greater significance, the need for secure access to remote networks is also on the rise.

“An advantage of the SAP Business One Cloud hosted version is that it allows you to scale and innovate, while maintaining a safeguarded environment,” says De Leeuw. “When you deploy the solution, you benefit from a safe and secure cloud environment built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.”

SAP Business One provides a series of predefined, built-in reports for each functional area of the software. Users can focus the report on specific areas of the business and customise the output.

“Whether you’re a controller, inventory manager, or CEO, you gain a clear view of the state of the business to make smart decisions,” De Leeuw says. “You can prepare and run standard reports on your business’s data with ease, using the many reporting options available.”

Mobile working capabilities are critical in our changing world. With the mobile app for SAP Business One, you can run your business from any location, at any time. With an iPhone or Android phone, users can access the data they need to streamline sales, handle service tickets, manage customers and contacts, view reports and more.

“Cloud-based technologies have made it possible for everyone to access documents anytime and anywhere,” concludes De Leeuw. “Regardless of user location, we enable our customers to be fully productive while working remotely, so that they can keep pace with changing business needs.”