Seidor Africa’s ERP solutions can help your business cut costs by streamlining your business operations and, importantly, are affordable to start up, maintain, and expand.

“ERP software and services have improved dramatically in recent years. It is no longer an enormous expense, nor does it take ages to implement”, said Heinrich de Leeuw, Managing Director of Seidor South Africa.

Recent developments in ERP software, such as cloud computing, have also made the software significantly more scalable and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

The key cost saving benefits of Seidor Africa’s SAP Business One ERP solutions are detailed below.

Rapid ROI and how to achieve it

A fast return on investment is essential to any business purchase, and this is where Seidor Africa’s ERPs really excel.

This is because an ERP solution from Seidor Africa offers great ROI by saving money through central data collection and management.

Additionally, its solutions allow users to view company performance trends to allow for better forecasting – which helps to avoid unwanted costs, such as overstocking.

Its ERP software creates concise reports with reliable data to assist companies in developing robust strategies, too.

Streamlined operations

Seidor Africa’s ERP solutions facilitate the elimination of redundant data entries and errors through the smooth integration of essential business processes.

They combine processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and financials into a single system that makes for easy access through a central device or location.

Proactive control

An ERP can move beyond traditional reactive responses to customer needs and business events by employing automatic business alerts and increasing workflow efficiency, allowing you to efficiently and proactively control your business.

Seidor Africa’s ERP software provides increased efficiency and the ability to proactively react to these potential issues, and this has significant financial benefits.

Adaptation to changing needs

Customization is fundamental to any ERP system, as it allows the software to be tailor-made to suit businesses of any size.

Seidor Africa’s SAP Business One ERP can be customized to fit specific business or industry needs, as well as individual user preferences.

Customer base

Software from Seidor Africa employs CRM solutions to monitor the engagement habits of your customer base, which allows your business to adapt to your customers’ needs on an individual basis.

This results in better customer communication and engagement.

Best-practice industry solutions

What is key to note on top of all these benefits is that an ERP solution from Seidor Africa can afford smaller businesses the same opportunities and functionality as larger businesses.

This allows them to contend with larger businesses and gives them a competitive edge.

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