EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria’s Journey: Celebrating a Year of Innovation and Collaboration


Over the past year, the only AppHaus on the African continent has not only become a hub for creativity and collaboration, but a space to share the importance of human-centric design and innovation.

The EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria has celebrated numerous successes, particularly in client engagement and interaction. The space has facilitated impactful sessions that have allowed for a deeper understanding of clients’ objectives and challenges. By adopting a human-centred approach, the AppHaus has successfully delivered solutions that resonate with clients, and place the end-user first.

The AppHaus concept has also played a pivotal role in fostering innovation within the SAP ecosystem. Collaborating with clients already immersed in SAP technology, the EPI-USE Labs’ AppHaus team has recognised the potential of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to bring about rapid innovation, automation, and enhancements. The focus on quick returns on investment has positioned the EPI-USE AppHaus as a catalyst for driving innovation and progress within the SAP landscape.

In a post-remote work era, teams across EPI-USE Labs use the space to come together and tackle complex problems. With innovation embedded in EPI-USE Labs, and the AppHaus rekindling the innovation flame, a culture of collaboration and creativity has thrived, bringing teams closer to end-users and their needs. From being a physical space within offices, it has transformed into a vibrant centre for creativity and fun. The key lesson learned is the importance of putting the user first; technology, while integral, is not always the sole solution to problems. By embracing a user-centric approach, our AppHaus has adapted and grown into a space that understands the intricacies of problem-solving.

As the EPI-USE AppHaus turns one, the focus for the upcoming year is on SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). The goal is to leverage BTP for providing holistic solutions to clients within the SAP environment. Ensuring that the end-user remains at the forefront of solution delivery, the EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria aims to continue its journey of innovation, addressing challenges in a rapidly-changing technological landscape. The AppHaus aligns seamlessly with SAP’s broader strategy of transitioning clients to the cloud, and a clean core. This shift empowers clients to reimagine processes and embrace new possibilities. The AppHaus, by using available methodologies, works hand-in-hand with clients to harness technology like BTP, delivering solutions while prioritising the human aspect of the entire process. This alignment reinforces EPI-USE Labs’ commitment to adding value through innovation.

The journey so far has been one of growth and learning, setting the stage for another year of exciting advancements and contributions to the SAP ecosystem!