Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the landscape of Human Resources, and SAP® SuccessFactors® Human Capital Management applications are harnessing its power across all operational domains. Here are five essential insights you should be aware of.

1. SAP leads with ethics

SAP appreciates the complexity that AI introduces into technology, and they approached the topic by forming an AI ethics steering committee comprised of senior SAP leaders who review their approach, processes, and product capabilities to ensure operationalization and alignment with their policies and guidelines. Read about SAP’s Business AI.

2. Joule is not limited to SuccessFactors

Joule, announced in September 2023, is a natural-language, generative AI co-pilot that is embedded across the entire SAP portfolio, and is designed to transform the way a business runs by leveraging intelligent technology across the various business applications. I’ve heard it referred to as both a Co-pilot and a Digital Assistant, but the magic of it is that it is embedded in every application area across the business. It is first available as part of SuccessFactors; however, it will become available across the entire SAP ecosystem. Learn more about Joule.

3. New AI innovation is delivered each quarter

You can keep an eye on what is available today and what is coming soon, by quarter, by viewing the SAP Roadmap Explorer . The Roadmap Explorer makes it easy for you to enter filters for the key areas that you are interested in, so you see only the areas of interest. For example, in the picture below I filtered on SuccessFactors and Artificial Intelligence:


4. SAP SuccessFactors resources

There are large teams of people at SAP SuccessFactors that focus on Artificial Intelligence, here are a couple that I like to follow to stay in the know on the topic specific to SuccessFactors: AJ WhalenDana CrockettRob Wood and Rupali Wind. Also I share a weekly AI Byte on LinkedIn that introduces something new in the area of AI, please follow me at Danielle Larocca. Lastly, please be sure to check out this interesting White Paper 2024 HR Trends: The Year of AI (valid SAP credentials required).

5. Partners play a critical role in SAP SuccessFactors’ AI strategy

SAP and SuccessFactors are known for their superior technology, but they also acknowledge that Partners are an important part of the ecosystem, and having the ability to integrate with their technologies quickly and seamlessly to deliver better employee experiences is important. Here at EPI-USE Labs we have created a division dedicated to developing BTP and AI integrations for SuccessFactors. See my blog SAP SuccessFactors and Artificial Intelligence for more information.

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This article first appeared on the EPI-USE website: Five things to know about Artificial Intelligence in SAP SuccessFactors (epiuselabs.com)