Why Business Transformation Can’t Be Separated From Sustainability


Businesses of every size are putting sustainability at the top of their must-haves for future success.

Transformation has changed for good, as small and medium-sized businesses uncover the value of moving sustainably into the future. At their most fundamental level, businesses have three goals: to drive revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk. New SAP Insights research shows sustainability is a key consideration in economic growth, and, as these experts suggest, it could be a deciding factor in all three of these goals.

Successful transformation is linked to sustainability

When lots of people do transformation projects, they typically have a single destination in mind: we’re going from here to there, and it’s going to look like this. I’m not sure we can be that precise any more. You need to design what that transformation might look like with a 1.5C future or a 2.5C future.

SAP is really good at asset management, for example. The way assets operate in those two different scenarios is going to be significantly different, to the point where you might invest or make capital allocation choices very differently. The transformation itself still needs to happen, [but] it needs to be flexible enough to accommodate both.

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