“SAP helps us to build that trust with our customers” – Sumeer Shoree, General Manager IT & Digital, Frasers Property


Creating places where people belong

Frasers Property is one of Australia’s leading diversified property groups and an Australian division of Frasers Property Limited. For nearly 100 years, the company has developed residential land, housing, and apartments, build-to-rent, commercial, retail and mixed-use properties. Over the company’s legacy, they have delivered over 145,000 homes for Australians,  creating places and communities in which people feel they belong

To create the company’s core mission: to create stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods, Frasers Property refined the customer experience by overhauling its digital landscape. The company’s reliance on over 50 disparate systems created productivity bottlenecks and limited visibility across projects, impacting customers attempting to report defects or request repairs. Additionally, there was a risk of customer feedback being lost or ignored due to manual handling errors and drawing out actionable insights from this feedback often took months, significantly reducing their relevance.

The company needed a simple, intuitive solution to efficiently collect, analyse, and action customer feedback. Through SAP S/4HANA and Qualtrics, Frasers Property gained a meaningful and holistic way to measure satisfaction and create a sense of belonging at every stage of the customer journey.

Building trust through proactivity

Frasers Property embarked on reshaping their system landscape by reducing their reliance on multiple systems down to three integrated sites, underpinned by SAP technology.

With SAP S/4HANA as a reliable foundation, Frasers were able to develop customised apps and create a user-friendly portal which supports customers from property selection through to settlement. By centralising customer interactions Frasers now has a single source of truth for usage data, streamlining their purchasing and inspection processes.

The property firm has also effectively built trust with their customers by digitalising their build quality framework, enabling the earlier reporting of defects and the ability to create bulk orders for repairs. With access to real-time data across thousands of properties, the team at Frasers Property can identify and deal with any construction issues or large-scale changes proactively. This has resulted in fewer maintenance orders after purchase and higher rates of customer satisfaction, with 95% of customers stating that they would repurchase through Frasers Property.

Designing collaborative customer experiences

Frasers Property is dedicated to developing lasting partnerships with their customers, helping them bring their vision to life and designing homes which offer Australians a true sense of belonging.

Although the company had existing rudimentary survey and NPS tools to track customer feedback and satisfaction, Frasers Property wanted to democratise and transform their data to give their team of architects, designers, builders, project managers, community development officers, marketing experts and sales staff access to invaluable homeowner and tenant feedback.

Using the innovative experience management platform SAP Qualtrics, Frasers Property can now aggregate periodic customer surveys and leverage the data into easy-to-read dashboards and apps for analysis. The platform’s feedback mechanism ensures that any request is actioned automatically, increasing the company’s responsiveness and visibility into the customer journey. With more than 2,000 touchpoints, Frasers Property now has access to direct insights to measure customer satisfaction and the ability to collate customer wishlists empowering their employees to create ever more intuitive property designs.

Frasers Property have recorded tremendous growth since their digital transformation. Referrals and repeat purchases have never been higher in almost 100 years of operation. More importantly for Frasers Property, they have redefined the customer experience and regained the trust of their ‘customer collaborators’, and can now focus on shaping the homes and communities of the future.

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