AUCKLAND New Zealand owned pipe and tank manufacturer, Bailey, has completed a rapid implementation of multiple SAP cloud solutions, significantly reducing its reliance on paper-based processes and increasing efficiency and mobility for the company, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced.  

Bailey, formerly Bailey Tanks, began operations in 1973 and manufactures plastic water tanks and pipes for the primary industries and construction sectors. Relying on an outdated, heavily customised, legacy system to manage a fleet of 14 truck and trailer units across the country, and dependant on a largely paper-based production process, Bailey began moving its operations to the cloud in February 2022, to become agile, more mobile and have access to greater functionality and process visibility. 

The implementation, which took just five months, was managed by SAP Partner, Realtech and comprised of solutions including: SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Signavio business process management and transportation management, and SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network.  

Almost nine months on, Bailey is already realising significant business benefits. Production at its two manufacturing sites in Auckland and Christchurch are completely paperless, with tablets and screens now on the factory floor. This marks a significant departure from the previous system, where orders were printed on paper and changes required staff to find, amend and reprint orders manually. Another benefit realised was greater visibility into Bailey’s just-in-time manufacturing and integration with its fleet of trucks, which allows staff to better manage changing customer and transport requirements.  

David Bailey, Chief Executive Officer at Bailey, said a fast rollout and having the right support team were key to the successful implementation.  

“We’re growing quickly as a company and have other things we need to focus on. We knew a speedy implementation of SAP cloud solutions might be hard, but the benefits would be worth the effort. And we were right, with our staff enthusiastically embracing the new technology and significant business benefits already being realised.”  

“Keeping up with the dynamic nature of planning is now simple and can be managed from anywhere in the world. Our people also feel more connected and empowered, and we now have a really scalable solution which gives us plenty of headroom to manage the growth trajectory we’re on.  

“Getting the right partner is critical for a project like this. Realtech had a good, structured approach and a detailed plan. They managed the project well, ensuring critical milestones were met and providing regular updates. Having access to direct product support from the SAP team and after sales support also allowed us to move quickly and confidently as an organisation”, continued Bailey.  

Sofiane Ainine, Head of MidMarket, SAP Australia and New Zealand, says that Bailey is proof that SAP is fit for manufacturing companies of any size.   

“Implementing SAP cloud solutions, including SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, in just five months shows the value SAP is delivering for our customers. The improved visibility, mobility and integration made possible by our cloud solutions gives Bailey the ability to adapt quickly to change and provides the organisation with a springboard for future growth.”   

Andrew Spicer, Managing Director, Realtech New Zealand, says we always look forward to collaborating with customers who have a clear vision and are eager to enhance their business operations. 

“Bailey was proactive in their approach to deploying SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud and was open to innovative ideas for process improvements; it is great to see where our knowledge and insights have significantly contributed to their business success.” 

“At Realtech, we have always taken great pride in our work, and seeing our clients achieve their objectives through collaborating with the team gives us immense satisfaction.” 

Bailey is now looking at how it can further improve its processes and workflow management.