BANGKOK, Thailand — December. 05, 2023 — SAP Indochina announced that leading Thai organisation, Mitr Phol Group, has chosen RISE with SAP, a complete business transformation offering of cloud solutions, infrastructure, and services. Mitr Phol Group, the world’s leading sugar producer and leader in sustainable development in the agro-industrial sector, will implement RISE with SAP to future-proof its organisation, boost agility, innovate faster and drive scalability, enabled by a clean digital core.

Image: Kulwipa Piyawattanametha, Managing Director, SAP Indochina

“Businesses today are looking to adopt cutting-edge innovation, with the latest being Generative AI. Organisations can now transition their legacy on-premises ERP system to a cloud ERP solution implemented with a clean core strategy to harness the agility needed to stay ahead in an ever-changing world. With a digitally clean core, companies can run these processes that are as close to standard as possible, while allowing for cloud-compliant extensions and customisations, and they can also adapt their system to ever-changing business requirements and to adopt new capabilities such as SAP Business AI, which is intended to be relevant, responsible and reliable,” said Kulwipa Piyawattanametha, Managing Director, SAP Indochina.

Thailand’s digital economy in terms of gross merchandise value or GMV remains the second largest in Southeast Asia and will continue to be a major growth driver in the region, expanding to US$100-US$165 billion in 2030, up from an estimated US$49 billion in 2025 and US$36 billion in 2023, according to eConomy SEA, a report by Google, Temasek, and Bain. Further, under Thailand’s National Strategy, the key drivers of economic growth include artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, robotics, and drone technology, which will bolster its aim of becoming a data-driven digital economy and allow companies to seize new opportunities for economic growth, in response to the changing context of the modern world.

Mitr Phol Group, the world’s third-largest sugar producer with a diverse portfolio including renewable energy, ethanol, wood substitutes, fertilisers, and biobased products, has a collaborative history with SAP for over 15 years. Operating in Thailand, China, Laos, Australia, and Indonesia, Mitr Phol is advancing its digital evolution, a comprehensive overhaul of its SAP ERP system. The shift to RISE with SAP signifies a move towards a unified, cloud-based ERP system, designed for an agile, asset-light digital core, and seamless integration with its digital and technology landscape. This transition addresses challenges like operational inflexibility and data silos, essential for developing a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

Ranked 7th in the 50 Top Companies in Thailand 2023 for young generations by Work Venture, Mitr Phol is set to further elevate employee experiences, already enhanced by SAP SuccessFactors, by adopting SAP Signavio for greater operational efficiency. On the technical front, Mitr Phol is transitioning to SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite, streamlining the integration of its digital core ERP with its hybrid cloud, digital, data, and AI/ML platforms. This strategy aligns with Mitr Phol’s sustainability goals, aiming for a 70% reduction in the carbon footprint of their SAP data centre and enabling access to green ledger capabilities, in line with their commitment to Net Zero by 2050.

Image: Athikom Kanchanavibhu, Executive Vice President of Digital and Technology Transformation at Mitr Phol Group

“Mitr Phol is orchestrating a farm-to-table transformation, focusing on intelligent farming, smart manufacturing, interconnected businesses, and advanced digital and AI platforms. Leveraging RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure will support to catalyse our data-driven and AI transformation strategy, positioning us strongly for future opportunities. This platform is aimed at promoting continuous innovation, driving a responsible and sustainable pathway for growth,” said Athikom Kanchanavibhu, Executive Vice President of Digital and Technology Transformation at Mitr Phol Group.

“In today’s dynamic market marked by both disruption and demand, companies like Mitr Phol Group can now realize the full value of SAP cloud solutions with a clean digital core targeted on innovating with Business AI, automation to boost productivity, and driving sustainable business outcomes. We have seen that organisations who are able to react quickly to change, empowered by the cloud, have consistently achieved their business growth, goals, and unlock competitive advantage to thrive in the AI economy,” added Piyawattanametha.