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Jacqueline Prause

SAP brand journalist and senior managing editor at SAP News Services, Jacqueline joined SAP in 2001 as a software information developer. An experienced communications specialist in the SAP Global Marketing and Communications team, she has edited and written for both print and online publications. Jacqueline enjoys working with SAP partners and regional teams to uncover great IT success stories from around the world and share them with the SAP audience. Jacqueline holds degrees in journalism from Boston University and professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

2018 Predictions, Pt. 5: Technology Advances Human Interaction, Workplace Culture, Mindfulness, and the Search Inward

Feature Article — The mind is the final frontier, the saying goes. If this idea intrigues you, you’ll want to read on to find out why leading business...

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January 23, 2018 by Jacqueline Prause 11

2018 Predictions, Pt. 4: Emerging Digital Technologies Will Make an Impact on Business

Feature Article — Once again, we invited thought leaders with diverse areas of expertise to peer into the 2018 Game-Changers Radio Crystal Ball. What did they see? Cloud...

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January 17, 2018 by Jacqueline Prause 249 Hot Story

2018 Predictions, Pt. 3: Digital Business Accelerates with Robotic Process Automation, Voice User Interface, Agile Micro-Factories

Feature Article — Savvy business leaders are predicting that 2018 will be the year that digital business breaks the sound barrier. Why? They see a host of emerging...

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January 8, 2018 by Jacqueline Prause 94

2018 Predictions, Pt. 2: Tele-Healthcare, Remote-Control Cars with Bedside Manners, and the Journey to Mars

Feature Article — Wellness starts at home, say the experts. If you agree, would you enroll in a tele-health program or remote monitoring from your healthcare provider? If...

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December 18, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 131

2018 Predictions, Pt. 1: VR for Doctors, Smart Cities Grapple with Trust, AI Shakes Up Sales

Feature Article — Would you consider tipping a robot for room service at a hotel? Instead of a spoonful of sugar, might a good dose of virtual reality...

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December 11, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 97

Futurists on Robots at Work: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Feature Article — The headlines paint a grim picture: Security Robot Drowns Itself in Office Fountain. The accompanying photos are unsettling and bewildering for their anthropomorphic nature –...

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November 30, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 384

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