Employee Experience at the heart of HR – Podcast series – EPISODE 2

In a series of podcasts and video’s, set up by ZigZagHR and SAP, three Belgian organizations share their vision on Employee Experience.  Are they strong believers of Employee Experience and why? How was their journey? Expect fascinating lessons learned, best practices, tips and tricks of precursors.

Episode 2: “How to keep the agenda for digitalization on track?” by Daikin Europe

It’s not looking at the employee. It’s looking from the employee to what you are doing.”

In this episode, Oliver Vancappel, Senior HRIT Process Analyst and HRIS Executive at Daikin Europe, shares his insights on Employee Experience. What is it? How does it work in a company with 12.000 employees spread over 28 countries? A story of changing perspectives, massaging, strong collaboration with the affiliates and enjoying instant results of implementing technology.

 “I’m very proud of what we achieved as a team and the fact that we start learning from each other. So, it’s not only HQ saying to the affiliates what they need to do. It’s really affiliates inspiring each other to do new practices, to share what they are doing. It’s a very interesting platform.” Oliver Vancappel

Employee experience: How to keep the agenda for digitalization on track #62

Watch the video or listen to the podcast and get inspired by Daikin’s journey.

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