What are the challenges of tomorrow’s supply chain?

New technologies are conquering our lives, but still how human are they? What are the effects of technology and how do we feel about that? In a series of roundtable discussions we connect technology with different aspects in the corporate world.

The last few months, the corona pandemic – together with several other incidents – has disrupted companies’ supply chain. What is the situation today? And what are the challenges for tomorrow? Discover more in 2 roundtables organized in collaboration with delaware, Deloitte, Flexso & Ordina.  

Around the Dutch table:

  • Veroniek De Mulder (ODTH First Class Logistics)
  • Johan De Lille (BMT Group)
  • Thomas Vandael (Tenneco)
  • Alex Van Breedam (TRI-VISOR)

Read the article & watch the discussion

Around the French table:

  • Arnaud Popovitch (Spadel)
  • Hans Schurmans (Proximus)
  • Bernard Piette (Logistics in Wallonia)


Read the article & watch the discussion