• With the SAP Sustainability Control Tower, the company will monitor the recycling process of used air fryers in Brazil.
  • Philips Walita factory in Varginha will serve as the global pilot program hub.

São Paulo, June 2023 – SAP and Versuni (Philips Domestic Appliances) have announced a global partnership focused on sustainability and circular economy. With the SAP Sustainability Control Tower software, a digital tool for ESG management based on real-time data, the company will be able to promote holistic management by setting goals, monitoring progress, and gaining insights from data, generating robust and auditable ESG reports, as well as improvement actions. The project is starting in Brazil, and Versuni intends to expand the software’s usage to other markets where the company operates.

The Philips Walita factory in Varginha, Brazil, will be the first in the world to implement the project and will serve as a pilot for the ESG initiative, focusing on performance and transparency. The intention is to establish a reference point in Latin America and support the global expansion of the partnership.

In one of the initial initiatives supported by the SAP Sustainability Control Tower, Versuni will be able to track the entire recycling process of old air fryers delivered by customers at available collection points. Customers will receive a cashback of up to R$ 200, and the products will be sent to the factory, where the components will be separated and properly allocated for recycling.

Upon arrival at the Philips Walita factory in Varginha, the air fryers will be disassembled, and each component will be separated and sent to a qualified service provider licensed by relevant environmental agencies. All recyclable materials will be properly processed and reintroduced into the production chain as raw materials. Materials that are not recyclable will receive environmentally appropriate final disposal.

“Eliminating waste, optimizing resource use, and innovating in regenerative business models to build transparent and sustainable supply chains. That is SAP’s vision, which is realized with this project. As a company, we pursue zero waste, and contributing to Versuni in this regard shows that it is possible and is a source of great pride,” says Pedro Pereira, SAP Chief Sustainability Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“We aim to encourage proper disposal of products and raise consumer awareness about the impact of these appliances on the environment. The partnership with SAP will enable us to establish measurable metrics to consistently deliver the best results for the environment and society. Sustainability is in Versuni’s DNA, and now we can tell these stories together, building a more sustainable future,” comments Alexandre Escorel, President of Versuni Latam.

Versuni embarked on a journey with SAP to create an entirely new technological scenario in just 18 months. Through the RISE with SAP offering and in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the company successfully migrated to a complete environment in 55 countries within the deadline, completed on May 1st. The goal is to create a digitally focused company, driving innovation and growth through data-driven decision-making, with the SAP S/4HANA ERP, private cloud as a solid foundation, end-to-end integrated processes, robust data management, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. This transformation program earned Versuni the SAP 2023 Innovation Award in the Industry Leader category.


About Versuni

Versuni’s mission is to transform houses into homes. The company believes that home is more than just a house. With over 900 patents, Versuni’s portfolio encompasses kitchen appliances, coffee, climate control, garment care, and floor care. Products under the Philips brand include the Philips Airfryer, Espresso LatteGo coffee machine, PerfectCare steam generator, air purifier, and AquaTrio cordless vacuum. Its other brands include Saeco, Gaggia, Preethi, Philips Walita, L’OR Barista, and Senseo. Versuni is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has innovation, manufacturing, and commercial centers worldwide, with a presence in over 100 countries. Its successful product lines adhere to EcoDesign requirements and reflect the company’s commitment to best sustainability practices. Versuni is a former business division of Royal Philips and was previously known as Philips Domestic Appliances.