Egypt Post Signs Agreement with SAP to Establish an Integrated System for Cloud Solutions

CAIRO, Egypt — 15 September 2022 — The Egyptian National Postal Organization (ENPO) and SAP have signed an agreement to establish a RISE with SAP Private Cloud Edition, in addition to modernizing software applications and introducing best global practices of postal services.

The contract was signed by Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the ENPO, and Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SAP Middle East South.

Dr. Farouk said: “This protocol is the culmination of the continuous cooperation and strategic relationship between Egypt Post and SAP and is part of our ongoing efforts to implement the best technologies solutions throughout all our services and transactions using advanced software solutions and integrated digital services to facilitate and secure internal and external transactions”.

Dr. Farouk also highlighted that the agreement, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Southern Europe region, aims to establish a local cloud center and to enhance existing applications to leverage new features and technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The solution can integrate seamlessly with existing non-SAP and financial applications.

The agreement will also provide a holistic view of ENPO performance and key indicators, and enable ENPO to study, analyze and develop current business cycles in a practical way, and to inform agile decision-making. In addition, some steps in standard processes can be automated to reduce human error and interaction, which in turn improves efficiency and reduced cost of ownership.

Ehab Abu Bakr, Vice Chairman, Digital Transformation at Egypt Post, said: “This agreement represents a big technological leap for us, as it aims to transform the current work processes into the advanced global technological Rise with SAP platform as an integrated solution on a private cloud. In addition to benefiting from the licenses of SAP Signavio, which provides comprehensive solutions from designing. Documenting, streamlining and modeling processes to improving overall efficiencies and increasing performance on a wider scale”.

Mohammed Samy, Managing Director for SAP Egypt, said of the contract, “ENPO is one of our most strategic partners in Egypt, and we are in a continuous dialogue with their top management about the new trends in postal services, and ways to develop ENPO’s capabilities to always stay ahead of the game. This new agreement is an example of how SAP is supporting ENPO to reinvent its processes, services, promote innovation, and deliver new services.”