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An Icepick in the Eye

October 17, 2017 by SAP TV


Feature Video — SAP employee Richard Posthuma suffers from cluster headache disorder, also known as a suicide headache. Very little is known about this chronic disease with intervals...

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The Spin with Megan Meany: Cloud Spin

The Spin — It’s scalable, it’s open and it’s innovative: SAP Cloud. Tune in to the Spin and get in the growth game.

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1 week ago by SAP TV 4

Health Tip in a Minute: Sleep Well

People — Did you know that chronic sleep deprivation can kill you and your career? Stay healthy, happy, and productive with good quality sleep. Find out about...

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2 weeks ago by SAP TV 1

Take the Pressure Off Big Building Projects

innovation — The clock is ticking for Daniel Boulton, construction manager at Mace, a contractor responsible for high profile projects like the London Olympics. Can he meet...

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2 weeks ago by SAP TV 4

Save Water, Feed The World

vision — SAP and Vectus tackle the problem of water waste and scarcity in India. A forward-thinking company with a state of the art digital core and...

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2 weeks ago by SAP TV 0

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