Tune Protect redefines digital core to drive customer-centric journey and experience, empowered by SAP


KUALA LUMPUR: Publicly-listed Tune Protect Group Berhad (Tune Protect, Group)  has embraced SAP S/4HANA Insurance as part of its transformation strategy to further automate operations while expanding its presence throughout Southeast Asia (SEA) and the Middle East.

Its Group CEO Rohit Nambiar (pic above – left) said that technology is a key enabler to realise automation that would expedite operational processes to ensure maximum productivity and cost savings.

“The Group already has a very robust UI/UX and middle office technology offer for our partners including easy to access APIs. A robust and flexible core platform will unbox greater value for the group by way of operational efficiencies and faster-time-to-market,” said Rohit.

To date, the Group has secured more than 45 affinity and digital partnerships across SEA and the Middle East.

“We are expanding our market reach in the ‘new norm’. While the pandemic has somewhat affected the business environment, Tune Protect’s philosophy is to always embrace opportunities in times of adversities to emerge even stronger for the long run.”

According to the Group’s Chief Technology Officer Prasanta Roy, under typical circumstances, technical and commercial criteria are taken into consideration when deciding on a core insurance solution, and once the baseline criteria is met, it is about business fit.

“In an era of the pandemic, these criteria are no longer sufficient as we need to consider the aspect of risk mitigation due to travel restrictions where all parties agree to delivering the project remotely. During the selection process, SAP, and their System Integrator partner, Serole, demonstrated the commitment which is in line with our vision, timelines, as well as the knowledge and experience that they have had with other insurers sharing similar business model as ours,” said Prasanta.

The new SAP S/4HANA Insurance system aims to provide a conducive platform with the objective of achieving minimal downtime and faster turnaround time to cater for customers’ needs through tools such as the SAP Single Sign-On, SAP

Access Control, SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Analytic Cloud and Application Studio.

As a result, Tune Protect hopes to be able to leverage an end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced analytics.

SAP Malaysia Managing Director Hong Kok Cheong (pic – right) explained that SAP S/4 HANA is an ‘intelligent’ ERP system that seeks to empower organisations like Tune Protect to adopt new business models, manage business change at speed, orchestrate internal and external resources, and use the predictive power of AI.

“Tune Protect is already an ‘intelligent enterprise’ which comes from a position of strength to reimagine the business and generate new markets and revenue streams,” said Hong.

“The Group will be able to maximise the value of its data assets and turning the data into precious insights that will empower employees to operate with increased visibility, focus and agility.”

“SAP is humbled to be part of Tune Protect’s ambitious digital transformation programme and heartened that the Group continues to ‘innovate with purpose’,” added Hong.

“With this new SAP system in place, our goal is to have an integrated centralised platform that helps us attain better cohesion on products, sales, operations, financials and reporting,” said Rohit.

“The Tune Protect team will also have the means to help us reach our goal of having a ‘single of point of truth’ which will increase our speed to market with better processes and workflow to elevate productivity tremendously. The SAP system is also intended to enable faster, better and accurate insurance insights and foresights.”

This centralised and comprehensive insurance core system aims to offer the ability to scale to support all Tune Protect entities, including its 17 branches nationwide comprising more than 300 employees across Malaysia.

The objective of improved productivity is in line with Tune Protect’s aspirations of simplifying customers experience with best-in-class products and propositions that complement their lifestyle needs. Through its general insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries in Malaysia, as well as an associate company in Thailand and a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates, the Group has established its presence across more than 60 countries globally.

“As part of our overall business transformation strategy, the Group focuses on three key business pillars – health, lifestyle, and small and medium enterprise (SME) – with a focus on driving growth through affinity and digital partnerships,” concluded Rohit.