KUALA LUMPUR Dialog Group Berhad (DIALOG) is en route to becoming a fully-fledged data driven organisation after having embraced latest technologies from SAP.

In a recent signing ceremony, where SAP Malaysia managing director Hong Kok Cheong and representatives of PWC in its role of being ‘DIALOG’s preferred strategic systems implementor’ were present, DIALOG group chief financial officer Puan Zainab Binti Mohd Salleh said that, as development of proprietary technology is one of DIALOG’s six key long term strategies, digital transformation is vital for the Group to realise greater operational efficiencies and productivity among its various subsidiaries and associated companies.

“At DIALOG, we view SAP as a key digital enabler and the powerful technologies implemented are set to further enhance value creation for the business and stakeholders,” said John Thornton, Managing Director of Business Excellence, DIALOG who was also present at the ceremony.

SAP Malaysia managing director Hong Kok Cheong commented that the partnership with DIALOG is a significant development as DIALOG is one of the energy industry’s catalyst for the ‘RISE with SAP’ deal.

“SAP has a strong reputation for providing intelligent, integrated applications that enable Oil and Gas companies to automate their day-to-day business processes and better interact with their customers, suppliers, and employees. That essentially is what ‘intelligent enterprises’ are all about,” Hong said.

“Hence with the help of SAP’s innovative technologies, DIALOG would be empowered with a scalable platform to be ready for future growth and M&As as well as providing a single source of truth to make informed decisions with advances analytics,” he added.

DIALOG is today a leading integrated technical service provider to the energy sector, in Malaysia and internationally. The Group serves a diverse range of customers that include multinational energy majors, national energy companies as well as multinational engineering and service providers located throughout the world.

Besides Malaysia, the Group’s global footprint includes offices and facilities in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

The solutions being implemented by DIALOG include SAP’s flagship ERP platform S4/HANA, together with its cloud-based procurement platform ARIBA and SAP Concur.

“SAP Concur has a strong reputation for being one of the world’s leading brands for integrated travel and expense (T&E), and invoice management solutions,” added Hong.

IDC recently said in a study that ‘much business value can be derived from SAP Concur solutions’, including helping finance teams align the dual priorities of improving control and visibility into administrative areas such as budgeting, forecasting, and T&E policy management while delivering a seamless experience to end users.

Upon full implementation of these SAP solutions, the DIALOG Group would realise standardised and streamlined work processes and improved business efficiencies, while also having increased data visibility and insights for informed business decisions.